CleverPDF Review: Free Online PDF Tool with Powerful Features

PDF is a document file format that is used quite often by many people. There are many reasons why they use the PDF format as their document format, including a shorter file copy, the size is not too large, easy to read and so forth.

Even when you want to send a job application letter via email, most companies will definitely recommend or even require applicants to send it in PDF format. Or when you are reading journals that are on the internet, most certainly use the PDF format.

Because many people who use PDF don’t be surprised if a lot of PDF reader / editor software pops up like NitroPDF or Adobe Acrobat. The software allows us to read PDF files, convert to other formats, lock PDF files so that they cannot be accessed by just anyone and there is much more that can be done.

Unfortunately, the price of the software is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, through this article, we will introduce CleverPDF which is an online PDF tool that can do many things and can be used free of charge.

What Can CleverPDF Do?

CleverPDF is an online PDF tool that has many features and advantages. Not only can CleverPDF convert PDF files to other formats or vice versa, there are 27 interesting tools offered by CleverPDF.

Of course I will not discuss the whole tool because the amount is quite a lot. I will only discuss important features that can be done by CleverPDF, including:

Convert PDF Files to Other Formats

By using the online PDF tool from CleverPDF, we can change the PDF file that we have to another format. For example, if you want to edit or update your PDF file by adding images or text, it is recommended that you convert it to Word format first. This aims to make it easier for you when you want to edit PDF files.

CleverPDF is able to convert PDF files to other formats, including the Word format. Not only that, CleverPDF is also able to convert your PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, Image, iWork, EPUB and Mobi formats.

Create PDF Files from Other Formats

On the contrary, CleverPDF can also be used to convert Word, Excel, Image or PowerPoint files to PDF format. This feature is certainly quite interesting, especially for those of you who are involved in the world of making e-books.

First of all you can compile your e-book material using Microsoft Word and if it is ready to be published, then you need to first convert it to PDF format . In this matter, you can count on CleverPDF.

Merge Many PDF Files into One

Merging several PDF files into one is most often done when you want to collect job application files or when applying to college.

The purpose of combining several PDF files into one is none other than to simplify the process of sending and checking files. With CleverPDF, we can combine several PDF files into one easily. Of course we can’t possibly send documents like ID cards, diplomas, SKHUN and other files separately.

Locking PDF Files So They Cannot Be Edited / Opened

We certainly don’t want just anyone accessing the PDF file that we have. Or you don’t want anyone editing or duplicating your PDF files without asking you for permission first. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a password in your PDF file.

CleverPDF has a feature to add a password to your PDF file so this will limit other people who want to edit or duplicate PDF files without your knowledge.

Compress PDF Files For Smaller Sizes

When you want to send a job application letter via email, it is recommended that you convert your document file into PDF. After that, you have to compress the PDF so that it is smaller and the HRD does not require a long time when you want to download your application file.

If the size is too large, it is possible for HRD to cancel checking your application file because it has already been annoyed waiting for the download process that is quite long, even though there are still hundreds or even thousands of other files that need to be checked.

Fortunately, CleverPDF provides a feature that can reduce the size of PDF files smaller, so HRD is faster in checking your application files. Where this indirectly increases your chances of being accepted at the company.

How to compress PDF files with CleverPDF 

When you want to send PDF files via email or other media, you should first compress them so that the size is not too large and the file upload process becomes much faster. Here I want to compress PDF files using the online PDF tool from CleverPDF.

  1. Open your browser, you can use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. After that you open CleverPDF. Then you scroll down a bit, then select Compress PDF.
  2. After that you select Choose fileto choose which PDF file you want to compress.
  3. Select which PDF file you want. After that you choose Open.
  4. Wait for the upload process to finish. The length of time for this process depends on the size of the PDF file you have.
  5. CleverPDF offers five compression options that we can use, including: MinimumLow compressionMedium compression , Maximum and Custom image quality . Here we will use the Custom image quality option so that we can determine the level of image quality after it is compressed (from 70-100).

I entered a value of 70 so that the images in my PDF file remain clear but at a much smaller size. Next you choose Start Convertion . Wait until the compressing process is complete.

  1. Download the PDF file that was successfully compressed.

The final results obtained after converting PDF files using CleverPDF are quite satisfying. PDF files originally sized around 2MB can be compressed to 1.2MB (reduced by almost 40%).

It should be noted, this is not the maximum result that CleverPDF can do. The result might be different if you enter a value smaller than 70 in the Custom image quality option . But I suggest not to enter a value that is too small because it will later have an impact on the quality of your images, as a result the text or text in the image is unclear and difficult to read.


CleverPDF comes with interesting features and advantages. There are 27 powerful tools offered by CleverPDF which users can use for free. Behind the advantages possessed, there is one feature that has not been added to CleverPDF that is the feature to convert many PDF files simultaneously (batch conversion). Hopefully in the future this feature will be added to CleverPDF so that this PDF tool is more interesting and powerful.


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