Having a clear sales strategy will save your business

There is no way to learn to sell more and better without, in fact, building a structured and consistent sales process. I know that although this may make some sense in common sense, but in many markets it is still possible to see people who cannot get a concrete view of what their commercial stages are like for a sale to happen evidently.

In addition to not being able to control steps, devise methods and feel the real demands of the market , many sales opportunities are wasted every month. Without a sales action plan, not only business and money is lost, but also a great opportunity to improve sales teams.

Emancipating salespeople to deal with a mature commercial reality will undoubtedly build a gear that works better on a daily basis. You must always be sharpening sales teams for the possible everyday realities they may face.

Structuring a sales process is the most important thing

Knowing the direction in which your business is going is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges that managers go through, those who want to guarantee a positive result have to think about it.

However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that a commercial team not only needs to be well trained, but that it has to have a complete view of the sales flow so that it can jointly seek the best positive results.

This means that, clearly, sales professionals not only need to have an ability to learn to relate to customers, but also to be able to organize themselves in a logic of tasks and practical priorities that will lead them to a more efficient sales funnel.

Negotiating with customers without a complete structuring can further complicate the results . This is because the customers are the most diverse, the products can be varied and the markets are changeable and variable.

It is fatal to the business not to have control over how things should go in a commercial operation. A well-organized process is the only one that can govern the most assertive decisions.

Where does the customer want to go?

Don’t just be a salesman. Play the role of business consultant for him, help him to see possible blind spots, to realize the need that you have to achieve the personal goals he designed.

Make it clear in your approach how effectively you are able to help. Mainly, in market situations where sales cycles have many processes and involve other people.

Describe to your client how you are planning to make things happen after hiring, not only does it help you better visualize the possibilities, but it will also guide you better in understanding how you will achieve what he is looking for.

The first step in getting him to buy is to demonstrate as empathetically as possible how to ensure that he will not miss something really important by hiring him. Relieve any pain he may have. In addition to creating a strong connection with him, you will also have something in common at stake.

Now, an important point for all this is to know in detail your sales process and what happens at each stage so that you can transmit as well as you are necessary to customers.

And above all, never sell miracles, just talk about what is really possible with the frankness and confidence that he values ​​so much . If you are asked for something that you cannot deliver, explain again how it works, what its processes are and make sure that it completely understands all of this.

Honestly offer a diagnosis

If a doctor prescribes a medicine to us without any exam, we naturally suspect the accuracy of the diagnosis, right?

Well, many salespeople try to push solutions to customers without them knowing exactly how wrong or deficient they are . When selling something, speak as an authority. Explain how your business process facilitates his reality.

If, by any chance, in your sales process, there is no time to study the customer , it may be important to start reviewing them. Think carefully about what your client is doing and what goals he is able to achieve, what are the practices that may be causing something to go wrong and always present practical solutions according to his experience already achieved.

As long as you have contact with him, be able to collect as many problems as he can, record his expectations within a CRM database so that you can have access to everything he needs.

When you call him back to finalize the sale, give a pertinent analysis of your own reality that makes you realize that you are really an expert ready to help him.

Align all goals and expectations he has with the possibilities you can offer. From this point to close it is a much smaller leap. Make a diagnosis and record everything in your CRM.

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Know your business process and don’t shoot in the dark

Winning a customer should not be by chance, luck or anything that cannot identify the reason for success. The worst nonsense anyone can do is to ignore the business intelligence that can be generated with customer relationship management systems.

It is only possible to really be a complete business closing when you have already built a very objective sales journey and understand how the stages work from the first contact until the final conversion into sales.

Discover how to retain customers, be successful when serving and be able to provide a holistic design of your business process to have a mutual alignment with employees, customers and the market . Each type of business requires special treatment. Understand your management, structure it to avoid failures and make more closings.

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