Cleaning and Welcoming Ramadan Using Halal Products

This year is the second year the fasting of Ramadan is carried out in a different and limited atmosphere. And last year was the toughest year for Muslims, because Ramadan worship had to be done at home only. Even Eid and hospitality with relatives were not  there. Well, but now we have to be a little relieved. The problem is that the mosque has begun to open and religious activities can be held. Yes, although it is still very limited and strict, at least this year’s worship can be done in mosques. It is not  apart thanks to the community in complying with the order all health protocols.

By the way , in order to be able to worship comfortably, we need to participate in maintaining health and hygiene protocols during the new normal era For example, by following the Clean Mosque Movement initiated by Sahaja. Sahaja, as the first Home Ca re and Personal Care Muslim brand at Unilever, also supports religious activities according to the new normal health protocol .

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But the responsibility of creating conducive worship activities during this pandemic is not only Sahaja’s duty, but yours too! And it’s not  just mosques, we have to start maintaining cleanliness starting from ourselves from home. So if the house is clean, God willing,  until the mosque we can both maintain cleanliness and worship in peace. So, so that the Ramadan worship will run smoothly, there are some  cleaning  tips that you can do, starting from yourself, your home, and the mosque.

Always wash your hands and shower after traveling

Must take a shower after traveling (photo: iStockphoto)

use a mask while traveling. Apart from using a mask, you also should n’t forget to take a shower after leaving the house. Because you do not  know, there are any bacteria and viruses that attach while outside. But before taking a shower, washing your hands is the first activity that must be done. To make it even cleaner, don’t forget to use the Sahaja Antibacterial Handwash, so that the bacteria on your hands do n’t  get carried away when you touch objects at home.

Washing worship tools regularly

Illustration of washing worship tools (Photo by LumenSt)

In a day we pray at least five times, this does not include sunnah worship. You can imagine that if you just wear clothes you have to change twice a day, so it is with worship equipment such as sarongs, prayer mats, and prayer mats. New era normal also make us more alert and make every effort to prevent it from being infected. That’s why washing worship tools is also a priority. Try to wash your praying utensils at least once a week with Sahaja Detergent which is not only halal, but also effective at removing stains. Then it can be continued by using Sahaja Softener & Fragrance Concentrate, so that the prayers and prayers will be more fervent because we are sure of the cleanliness of our worship tools. Apart from worship tools, be sure to always wash clothes after leaving the house. Apart from being halal, Sahaja is also committed to helping the poor by setting aside 2.5% of sales.

Make sure the house is clean and hygienic before leaving it to travel

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Take a shower, wash it already, now it means it’s time to clean the house. Remember, before you spread the prayer mat, it is mandatory to clean the floor so that purity is maintained. There are many floor cleaning products that you can use, Sahaja floor cleaners, which are guaranteed to be halal. So it is guaranteed that the floor is clean and can be used for worship or daily activities. To be more hygienic, you can also use Sahaja Dishwashing Liquid which makes it easier for you to clean cutlery from stubborn fats after breaking the fast and dawn.

Bring personal worship tools

Bring personal equipment (photo: nzfhatipoglu / iStockphoto)

If everything is clean, starting from yourself and your house, that means you are ready to go to the mosque. Especially if the muezzin has announced the call to prayer, then you can hurry up. But don’t forget to bring your personal worship tools, because in the new normal period  you have to always be careful with public goods and facilities. This is not only for protecting you but also for the safety of others.

Rasulullah ﷺ once said:

لاَ ضَرَرَ وَلاَ ضِرَارَ

There should be no danger and no harm to others (HR. Malik no. 1435).

In addition to bringing a tool of personal worship, not  no harm for spray bring hygienic for double protection . Because being vigilant is not too much  at this time. You can spray hygienic spray onto worship tools or onto the floor before the prayer mat is spread. Now for hygienic spray products, make sure you choose those that are definitely halal. Like Sahaja Hygienic Spray which is specially produced and guaranteed to be halal.

Those are some cleaning tips that you can start doing as a form of self-protection when worshiping. To support this style of worship in the midst of this pandemic, Sahaja has a product that is suitable for maintaining cleanliness both for himself, his house and the mosque. And all Sahaja products are made and guaranteed to be halal. So you do n’t need to worry about the composition of the ingredients.

You can have all Sahaja products through your  favorite marketplace . Oh yes, Sahaja also provides a Clean Mosque Sahaja Package package for those of you who want to participate in donating cleanliness packages for mosques that are used for worship during Ramadan. You don’t need to leave the house to do good, just open your Shopee application here , then you have been keeping clean for yourself as well as for others through the Clean Sahaja Mosque Movement. To do good, you do n’t  have to donate here and there, just collect good intentions with #nawaitusahaja.

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