How to clean the toilet brush so germs do not take over your bathroom

The bathroom is the room in the house where germs spread freely. According to the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene , this place, next to the toilet, are infectious sources. Hygiene, therefore, is vital to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi.

But that task is further complicated when you don’t even know how to clean bathroom cleaning tools. Have you ever cleaned the brush?

According to Melissa Maker, cleaning expert at “Clean My Space”, the best time to clean the tool is after using it.

The best thing to do is spray a disinfectant, bleach, or any other specific product on the brush bristles. To do this, place the brush between the cup and the seat, spray it generously with the product (it should drip) and let it rest for about 10 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse the brush with plenty of hot water and do not keep it in place. The worst thing you can do is store it wet in the brush holder , since the humidity favors the proliferation of germs. So, when you use it the next day, you will rub those germs all over the toilet and the work will have been in vain.

Once rinsed, let it dry again, placing it in the same position. When it dries, you can put it back in its container, which also requires good maintenance.

To clean the brush holder you also need to spray it with any disinfectant and let it rest for about ten minutes. Also rinse with hot water and allow it to dry completely.


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