Clash Royale Crossbow Guide

Clash Royale Crossbow Guide: How to Attack, How to Defend, Description and Tips

In Clash Royale, some units (crossbow, mortar, princess) have a fairly large radius of action, which allows other players to attack your base from their own half of the field without spending a lot of effort. One such structure is the crossbow, which is extremely popular with those who play defensively.


– The crossbow appears in the third arena and costs 6 elixir.

– It belongs to defensive structures and will stand still until it is destroyed or time runs out.

– The crossbow has a high rate of fire, but it always attacks only one target.

– The crossbow only attacks ground units.

– Most often it is used to fire at an enemy tower by placing a crossbow at the transitional bridge, because the radius of destruction is extremely large and amounts to 11.5 cells.

How to play with a crossbow

– Despite the fact that the crossbow only shoots at one unit, it is effective against crowds of weak enemies such as goblins or skeletons. The long attack distance allows him to interrupt them before they get close.

– Some players place a crossbow behind the main tower to protect it from attacks.

– Place a cannon on the border of your half of the field, and it will fire at the enemy’s defensive tower.

– Apply a buff to your crossbow to increase the speed and damage it deals.

– It is better to plan the installation of the crossbow in advance, since it takes as much as 4 seconds, and the enemy will have time to prepare for it.

How to play against a crossbow

– Installation of a crossbow takes 4 seconds – during this period you can prepare for an attack, for example, by placing a musketeer next to it – he will immediately start attacking the structure. At the same time, you can release a pig rider or a giant – they will have time to reach the goal.

– The easiest way to destroy or seriously damage a crossbow is to launch a rocket .

– Any air units will be an excellent help in the fight against a crossbow: minions, a little dragon, a balloon .

– To gain time to fight back, use ice spirits or small lightning . So you will save the building and have time to put up protection against the crossbow.

– Spells are perfect for dealing damage without losing your troops. The released fireball will easily reduce the durability of the crossbow, thereby reducing its attack time. Lightning is best used when the crossbow is surrounded by helper buildings such as an adze trap or a cannon , all three of them will have their life shorter.

– If there are no spells in your deck, it’s okay, but then barbarians and goblins with spears must be present in it . Unlike the tactics of immediate destruction (as with spells), numerous troops are needed more to distract the crossbow and delay time until it disappears. For example, if the enemy put a crossbow along one path, you launching a chain of goblins and barbarians along the other, provoke him to fire not the towers, but the crowd running into the attack. By the time he kills everyone, the action time has already expired.

– With such a game, the presence of a barbarian hut is necessary in the deck so that the flow of units is uninterrupted. This will be useful for you to connect a running pair with a regular four for an improved attack. In addition, the hut itself is an excellent imaginary target for a crossbow, if you put it in the center, which will keep your towers healthy.

– The crossbow is very often paired with something, usually an adze trap, a hell tower or a cannon. But such a move has one big drawback that you should know – it is a huge cost of the elixir, almost all of the accumulated stock is spent. Therefore, if you manage to walk the other path to the defensive tower with goblins and barbarians, your opponent will simply have nothing to defend it with.

– On the other hand, if the enemy is not courageous enough to spend all his elixir on a crossbow and its defense, then you will not have any difficulty in dismantling a newly built structure. All you need is a few barbarians and a pig rider .

– The Pig Rider will come in handy anyway in arenas 4 through 6. Crossbows are often used there, and the speed with which the rider wields the hammer will help to quickly deal with them and not only. And do not throw arrows out of the deck , in the absence of other spells, they will help to quickly remove the crossbow and cannon when their time is running out.

– Not necessary, but extremely useful to include units that strike across a wide area, such as a small dragon , a wizard, or a bomber . It is best to release them in the company of goblins with spears or barbarians, such a bifurcated attack will not give the crossbow time to deal with everyone, and units with a large radius of damage will also injure neighboring buildings, which are likely to be there.

– Minions or a horde of minions is a good option for attacking a crossbow (since it does not shoot at flying creatures), but only if it is not protected by enemy units or buildings.

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