Chromogenic media: the next generation of culture media

Chromogenic media have been developed to offer faster and more accurate methods for detecting pathogens with high specificity in a more simple and efficient way. Its principle is related to the use of chromogenic substrates (color reaction) characteristic for each pathogen, which are released after hydrolysis.

This is especially important in cases of polymicrobial cultures. The great differential for this type of culture is the possibility of including selective agents that prevent the growth and interference of non-target microorganisms. Most chromogenic media are therefore selective and differential. Each organism is then identified by a specific color, easily determining colonies.

The result is accurate and distinct. Cultivation can be observed and distinguishable by the naked eye due to its color-based differentiation. In addition to allowing the faster detection of specific microorganisms in relation to traditional culture media, they are more sensitive and can also reduce the need for other complementary tests, required in traditional culture media, such as subcultures and confirmation, shortening the deadline in the identification of pathogens. So the results are faster helping to prevent the spread of infections.


  • Fast results: in just 24 hours it is possible to make a visual interpretation of the results in the culture medium.
  • Easy identification: distinct colonies and easily recognizable by specific color
  • Cost-effective: enables the identification of different bacteria on the same plate
  • Simple protocol: inoculated directly from the sample or specific enrichment broth
  • Greater selectivity: wide variety for a multitude of microorganisms
  • High detection: capable of detecting bacteria even at very low concentrations
  • Higher productivity: reduces the need for complementary tests
  • Wide range of products: clinical analysis, antimicrobial resistance, microbiological analysis in the cosmetics, food and water quality industries.

Clinical analysis:

Infectious diseases are present worldwide. In recent years, the percentage of the population diagnosed with some type of infectious disease has continued to increase. For this reason, clinical diagnostic tests that determine the presence of a pathogen are increasingly important and decisive for accurate medical treatment. Kasvi’s line of chromogenic media provides a wide variety of culture media for quick and easy identification of pathogens, and covers major clinical needs. Our products can be found in both forms: dehydrated and ready to use powder.


Microbiological controls in any type of industry are essential to ensure the safety of products and their consumers, in addition to protecting the actors’ image in the face of possible health alarms. Kasvi’s line of chromogenic media offers a range of culture media needed to perform microbiological analysis on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, water and environmental monitoring. They are manufactured with high quality raw materials, following strict quality controls and formulated according to different international standards for different industries.


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