Chlorella: 8 properties, benefits and contraindications

How many times do we hear ourselves say “eat more vegetables”, “you have to eat more fruit”? We are continually invited to consume significant quantities of both, but sometimes it is difficult for us to reach the daily ration recommended by functional medicine specialists. Although helping with juices and centrifuges is another good idea, for many people the problem is the lack of time.

Cousin of the now famous Spirulina, Chlorella seaweed, with its vivid and intense colors, has Japanese and Taiwanese origins. It owes its brilliant color to a high concentration of chlorophyll, but what makes it really interesting is the long series of phytonutrients it is rich in: amino acids, beta carotene, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, biotin and various vitamins from group B. Chlorella is one of the most nutritious foods in the world!

8 benefits of Chlorella Algae

Scientific studies show that this miraculous algae supports the functionality of the hormonal system, promotes cardiovascular health, helps eliminate the annoying effects of radio and chemotherapy, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and contributes to the body’s detoxification.

Observing its composition it is clear that its nutritional density per gram is much higher than other green leafy vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and spinach. Most of them in fact pales before its potential.

Incredibly, by taking organic food supplements based on Chlorella, you get all the benefits of seaweed with a simple tablet.

  1. The alga for your immune system


According to some research after 8 weeks of Chlorella intake, the activity of NK cells significantly improves. NK cells (or NK lymphocytes) are a part of the immune system that is particularly important in the recognition and destruction of tumor  and virus-infected cells ( 1 ).

  1. Positively affects the diet

Losing weight is difficult, especially when age advances. Researchers ensure that consuming Chlorella regularly produces a considerable reduction in the percentage of body fat and serous cholesterol and limits blood glucose levels.

When the body loses weight, however, it happens that toxins are released into the body which, if not adequately eliminated, risk being reabsorbed. It is therefore important to cleanse the body of these toxins as quickly as possible. Chlorella’s special ability to “surround” toxins and heavy metals facilitates and speeds up the process. Chlorella algae is also useful for the regularization of the hormonal system, adjusting the metabolism, improving circulation and promoting high energy levels ( 2 ).

  1. A valid aid against cancer

We have already talked about how Chlorella helps patients better withstand cancer treatments but thanks to its infinite potential we can even prevent them before treating them. All human bodies are supposed to develop cancer cells at some point. A properly functioning immune system has the ability to attack and destroy these cells before they have a chance to take root and create cancer ( 3 ).

Chlorella therefore helps fight cancer in several ways. First of all, taken as a precautionary measure, as we said, it strengthens the immune system so that our body responds appropriately to the attacks. Secondly, it removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, which means that we are less likely to contract “environmental” causes of cancer. Finally, it increases the action of T lymphocytes, helping to fight abnormal cells.

  1. Chlorella and Spirulina: an irresistible tandem.

As we said at the entrance, many of you who probably have never heard of alga Clorella, have been regular consumers of Alga Spirulina for years. Both are organisms transported through water, although they differ considerably at the cellular level.

With the same high nutrient balance, they are indispensable for detoxifying and cleaning the body, while their high percentage of proteins makes them essential allies for those who need energy and concentration.

Spirulina algae, already known in the past, was used as an adjunct in a feeding program for malnourished children in underdeveloped countries. In fact, a single gram dose of Spirulina per day is able to counteract the severe vitamin A deficiency , a possible cause of blindness. Now, the protein levels present in Chlorella seaweed and its combination of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and phytochemistry, even go one step higher than Spirulina. Imagine therefore, if you use them in combination, how much their power intensifies.

  1. Facilitates the purification of heavy metals

Mercury in fillings and dental prostheses, vaccinations, regular consumption of fish, exposure to radiation are some of the causes that can cause a hidden accumulation of heavy metals in the body. It is important for your well-being and your health in general to prevent and detoxify .

One of the most relevant benefits of Chlorella is to wrap around even the most stubborn toxins residing in your body (lead, cadmium, mercury and uranium) and prevent them from being reabsorbed. Regular consumption of this alga can even prevent heavy metals from accumulating in weak organs and tissues from the beginning ( 4) .

  1. Protects from radiation

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the most common forms of cancer treatments nowadays. Anyone who has been there or knows someone who has done it knows what kind of challenge the organism faces ( 5 ).

The high levels of chlorophyll present in the Chlorella algae protect the body against ultraviolet radiation treatments while removing radioactive particles from the body. Some specific studies show that glioma patients (a type of brain tumor) develop less respiratory infections and flu illnesses when treated with Chlorella.

  1. It has an antiaging effect

Yes, the Chlorella alga makes you look younger! Continuous research shows the effectiveness of this algae in considerably reducing oxidative stress (caused by pollution, stress or a poor diet) and therefore to slow down the cellular aging process. The reason why Chlorella is successful in making your skin look younger is the natural increase in the levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and glutathione in your body. They eliminate free radicals and protect your cells.
By taking a couple of tablets a day of Chlorella supplements you will get the first results after just two weeks.

  1. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol are two serious chronic conditions of today. Years of bad eating habits, stress and lack of sleep have led many of us to diagnoses like these. Researchers have found that 8,000 mg of chlorella a day (divided into two doses) help lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels. They also assumed that chlorella activates a certain number of genes at the cellular level that improve insulin sensitivity, encouraging a beneficial balance.

If you are looking for a chlorella-based supplement we recommend Bioglan’s Green Boost which combines the effectiveness of chlorella alga with elements such as wheat grass, black cabbage, spinach, barley grass and spirulina in an optimal concentration.

The intake of chlorella algae through dietary supplementation

The external cell walls of Chlorella are particularly difficult to digest. It is believed that on them there is a substance identical to that which also covers heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins and is probably the reason why it is so simple for this ‘algae the removal of those same elements from the human body.

It took many years of research, studies, trials and errors to find ways for the human body to digest it effectively. So when you buy chlorella-based supplements, make sure you buy those with the walls of Chlorella destroyed because they make it completely absorbable.

Chlorella alga has a rather strong taste so there are two methods to consume it: if taken in powder it is advisable to add it for example to fruit smoothies or coconut water to cover its flavor. Otherwise, buy some tablets and take 3 to 6 a day with water.

Warnings and contraindications before use

Chlorella seaweed can cause side effects in some predisposed individuals. Some of the symptoms include facial swelling or sensitivity of the tongue to sunlight, digestive disorders, acne, lethargy, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and tremors.Most of these disorders, however, are typical of any detoxification program.Nevertheless, people allergic to iodine or those who have been prescribed Coumadin or Warfarin (or more generally coumarin anticoagulants) should consult their doctor before taking Chlorella.

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