child’s first group relationships in Family

A child’s first group relationships.When the family meets and people treat each other with attention, affection and respect, these relationships become pleasurable, making everyone happy . However, it is common for disagreements to occur in these meetings, especially among children. It is important that people resolve these conflicts as smoothly as possible, so as not to create a climate of intrigue and gossip.

There are many people who have no family . The children who are on the streets can be an example because they live there because they have no one to care for them, or because they fled their homes because of bad treatment received from parents, stepfathers, uncles, grandparents or older siblings.

These children or adolescents suffer a lot , as they tend to feel abandoned, they will no longer have a home or food, in addition to other difficulties. Some, because they have no instructions or nibs, can practice thefts, or even deal with drugs, becoming people of incorrect behavior.

Some of them, the most dangerous, can be collected by police and taken to live in courts, as if they were in prisons. Those that do not pose a danger to other people can be taken to orphanages to be adopted by a new family.

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