Children who drink a lot of sugar develop alcoholic diseases

Knowing that sugar is bad for anyone we allow children to overeat during breakfast. Today children are beginning to develop illnesses that were common in alcoholics, such as diabetes or liver disease. It is necessary to be aware of how sugar has become the new poison of our century and that its consumption is not as exaggerated as it is today.

Although we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it must be prepared by reflecting on the foods that are consumed. Breakfast helps the brain to activate and the metabolism to accelerate, it  suppresses the hunger hormone in the stomach so that you do not overeat for the rest of the day.

The danger of busy lives

Parents’ busy and stressed lives lead to quick, cheap breakfast, and kids not protesting: sugary foods. Pastries, milk with cocoa powder in high sugar content, sugary cereals … Unhealthy breakfasts that become poison for the health of our children and that in the long run, can cause health problems. Today they are not seen, but tomorrow the repentance arrives.

When children are given this huge load of sugar, they are eating more sugar than their little bodies need. There is a reason that the World Health Organization and the United States Department of Agriculture have provided limits for sugar in the diet … and that is that this white polio damages the liver and brains of children, just as it does the alcohol.

Sugar is just as bad as alcohol

Alcohol provides calories (7 kcal / g), but not nutrition. There is no biochemical reaction that requires it. When consumed chronically and in high doses, alcohol is toxic, it has no relation to its calories or its effects on weight. Not all exposed people become addicted. Clearly, alcohol is not a food, it is a dangerous drug because it is toxic and there are people who abuse these substances.

Dietary sugar is made up of two molecules: glucose and fructose. Fructose, while a source of energy (4 kcal / g), is otherwise vestigial to humans; there is no biochemical reaction that requires it. But fructose is metabolized in the liver in exactly the same way as alcohol. And that’s why, when consumed chronically and in a high dose, fructose is equally toxic, regardless of its calories or effects on weight.

Childhood illnesses due to sugar

Children today begin to have diseases that alcohol usually causes such as type 2 diabetes, or liver disease, but they, without consuming alcohol. This is why there are experts who refer to sugar as ‘children’s alcohol’. Also similar to alcohol, sugary drinks are linked to behavior problems in children.

The industry knows how bad sugar is and hides it well, which is why it has so many different names for its ingredients, to mislead buyers. It is necessary to be aware of this and look at the ingredients of a product before buying it and when it contains sugar it is better not to abuse that food or not consume it at all.

It is necessary to accustom the palate of children to healthy foods because otherwise you will be falling into the most poisonous food industry there is: foods that sell as healthy but are not. It is necessary to become aware of the foods that are given to children and begin to change the diet for a healthy one in all its aspects.


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