Knowing the mindset, it turns out the mindset or mindset is not just about the negative mindset or positive mindset. In fact, there are several other types of mindset or mindset. One example of a mindset that is widely practiced or needed by many people is an entrepreneurial mindset. Mindset or mindset is a prayer that we instill in the minds of each or a series of frameworks of thought that we believe in looking at a thing. In other words, mindset is a frame of mind that may not be the same as one individual with another individual, so each individual must be able to control their respective mindset. Then, what is meant by entrepreneurial mindset? An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of frameworks used as an individual’s perspective on finance and business, especially about how they can produce products that many people buy? How can they benefit? How to become a successful entrepreneur, and so on.


For individuals who hold this entrepreneurial mindset , it will be used as steps to become a successful entrepreneur for them. In essence, the entrepreneur mindset is the main capital that will guide us to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. From this explanation, we can see how the power of the mindset or mindset is very influential on our lives.


Today, we often see some reading that leads to how to become a young entrepreneur since college. Now what if we throw far more age, for example we think of how to instill entrepreneurial mindset from childhood? What do you think of your fellow readers about titles like that?


In this article we will explain why children should be taught an entrepreneurial mindset early? According to the business website dot com, there are things we need to know about the reasons why the entrepreneurial mindset becomes a very important lesson, it even needs to be learned from childhood. Let us consider the following explanation.


Entrepreneurial Mindset can Encourage Creative & Innovative Mindset 

Many people think that the entrepreneurial mindset will encourage us to be creative, innovative, always think positive and passionate about making profit. So, should children be taught about how they should be entrepreneurs or how they should get to know the capitalist world from an early age? Of course, this matter is still being debated until now.


Actually, without us teaching entrepreneurial mindset to children, in fact they already have that mindset from childhood, colleagues. For example, when parents give their children a toy, we can see how children often play the toy outside the recommended way or play it in a more creative way. Though maybe the way to play it is not like they do. In this case, we can see how children are very creative creatures!


According to Anna Burrell, founder and CEO of Twiggs & Co., “Now more precisely is how we teach adults to foster entrepreneurial mindsets in children, not by opposing or suppressing them?” However, before we are truly sure to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in children, it would be nice if we listen to the virtues of the entrepreneurial mindset first, following.


How Important is the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Children? 

First of all, we need to know that business education and entrepreneurial mindset are not the same. That is, children who later grow up and take business education, they do not necessarily have an entrepreneurial pattern in themselves. Unlike the entrepreneurial mindset, this mindset will encourage the life skills that exist within us to continue to create, innovate and create many developments that can facilitate human life. Well, this mindset is what is needed by startup business founders. They will have a persistent attitude at work and want to learn from the mistakes of others. Why? because it has become the main characteristic of entrepreneurs who dare to experiment by taking risks and making the mistakes of others as lessons and experiences that are meaningful to them.


Speaking of learning from mistakes, children actually do this intuitively, colleagues. Look at children aged 6 to 7, when they make a mistake, they often say “Ouch, that’s wrong!” or “Well, I was wrong”. Whether we realize it or not, children who say that show that they already have an entrepreneurial mindset that is, aware of mistakes.


Now, how can we as adults guide them that the mistakes they make do not need to be regretted, but sought solutions and made these mistakes as meaningful learning. Just like an entrepreneur who makes a business mistake, he will immediately correct these mistakes with the best solution.


So, this entrepreneurial mindset is not only beneficial for adults, students or prospective entrepreneurs, but this mindset is very important for children to learn to realize mistakes, find solutions to problems and make mistakes as valuable learning.


Entrepreneurial Mindset Important Implanted as a Curriculum in Schools

As we know that the entrepreneurial mindset is closely related to risk taking, flexibility and also getting out of the comfort zone. The problem is, often these elements become problems to be applied in schools. For example, a student is prohibited from being a flexible person because he must obey the rules in the school. In addition, a child is also often forbidden to think outside their comfort zone, because every child is required to follow the existing curriculum.


For example, a child must answer “I don’t know” in front of the teacher and classmates so as not to issue answers that are embarrassing or discouraging the teacher. According to Rachel Cottam, as a former middle school teacher and now manager of the ZipBooks Startup marketing team, said that “Children must be taught the courage to try anything. One of them is trying to answer a question they don’t know, even if they have to answer with an answer that is outside their expectations or outside their comfort zone. They must dare to experiment, be creative and take risks “.


So, the task of the teachers is to instill this entrepreneurial mindset as if it had been embedded in the school curriculum. Try to encourage students to think far away and dare to find out the answer to the question, even though the answer may not be correct.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset is Important so that Children Have Survival Skills in the Future. 

As adults or teachers, we not only need to instill the entrepreneurial mindset into the school curriculum. However, this entrepreneurial mindset will be very beneficial for the lives of children in the future.


That is, if children are accustomed to think creatively, innovatively, dare to take risks and get out of their comfort zones to become more flexible, and realize mistakes and make learning, then they already have the skills to survive well.


Children will become individuals who not only follow one job, but they will create many new job opportunities from attitudes that always want to experiment and dare to take risks. They become individuals who are not confined to a rigid life, but are free and responsible.


Does the Entrepreneurial Mindset come from Natural Talent or Talented Trained?

Of course, this is also still a debate. Some people say that the entrepreneurial mindset has been formed since a baby was born into the world. Logically, “How can we possibly change a child to think about business as great as Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma ?!” In fact, there are also people who say that instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in children is only futile. As Leanna DeBellevue, a marketing consultant at DeBellevue Global, said, “I am someone who truly believes that a great entrepreneur has natural entrepreneurial talent from birth, not trained”. According to him, a great businessman must have a great defense and it has been embedded since they were born.


Conversely, other opinions say that the entrepreneurial mindset is something that can be trained properly. Logically, the entrepreneur is not a superman who is always strong and “resilient” with the business world since he was a child. However, every great businessman is people who are passionate and brave to develop by creating innovative things. As Rob Kingyens, a founder and CEO of Yellowbrick, said that “Everyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur must take and decide on his own actions”. So, we can conclude that the entrepreneurial mindset is something that can be trained and developed.


Whatever our opinion, whether the entrepreneurial mindset is something that is formed or obtained from birth. In fact, this mindset is very important to instill in children from an early age. They will learn that taking risks, thinking flexibly, stepping out of your comfort zone and learning from mistakes is not a problem that must be avoided, but must be learned and applied early on.


So, how are you guys? Are you ready to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your children? Good luck, Career Advice.


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