Cherry tomatoes are making a boom in the market,

Cherry tomato farming is becoming very popular among farmers in India. In earlier times it was mostly used in five star hotels, but today in small hotels you will find these foods. At the same time, in continuous research on tomatoes, such varieties are also being invented which look like cherries or big plum.

Cherry Tomato
Characteristics Cherry tomatoes are sweeter than normal tomatoes in terms of taste. It contains 9.4 TSS, while normal tomatoes have up to 3.5 TSS. The amount of seeds and juices in it is less than that of normal tomatoes. It is also rich in Vitamin A and Lycopene, due to which it is healthy. Its color can be red, pink and yellow.

The right time for
cultivation can be cultivated in polyhouses in July, while outside it can be cultivated in September. Cherry tomato fruits are highest in March.

Demand is increasing,
according to experts, its demand in the market is increasing. Apart from marriage, its use is also increasing in homes. Its price is always higher than normal tomatoes. If the normal tomatoes in the market are close to Rs 60 a kg, then guess that the price of cherry tomatoes will be Rs 120 per kg, which is double the price.

Healthy Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes contain antioxidants, vitamin C and lycopene, due to which it is healthy. Antioxidants provide protection from the body against cancer. Cherry tomato is also beneficial for heart disease and diabetes patients. Likewise lycopene is capable of preventing prostate cancer.


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