Did you know that Chemistry is also present in the beauty salon? Know what are the processes that make this possible!

Going to a beauty salon is common for many people, whether to accompany someone who will take care of the look, or to take care of themselves. There are many procedures that are performed in these establishments, such as cuts, dyes, straightening, among many others. In the salons there are cares for all tastes, regardless of age and sex.

The chemistry is the science that studies the substances, mixtures and their transformations in general. Therefore, inside a beauty salon, we can talk about Chemistry easily, as there are many procedures that require the use of various substances and mixtures. See some examples of materials used in the salons and the chemical composition of each one:

Product used Main chemical composition
Shampoo Toluene (methylbenzene) and xylene (dimethylbenzene)
Nail polish remover Acetone (methyl ethyl ketone)
Enamel Formaldehyde (formaldehyde)
Hair straightening product Formaldehyde (formaldehyde) and sodium hydroxide
Bleach Cationic surfactants
Conditioner Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Hair dye Alkylphenol ethoxylate

Many people around the world have a habit of dyeing their hair

As seen in the table, Chemistry is very present in beauty salons, since most of the procedures performed depend on one or more chemical substances. However, a question remains: does the use of all that Chemistry in the salon offer risks to people who work daily in these establishments and to those who go there to take care of their appearance in general?

Yes! The use of all these substances can cause several ills. The truth is that salon workers and customers are exposed to a variety of risks when most of the products in the table shown above are used. There are several problems that can be caused by the substances present in them. Here is a list of these problems:

  1. toluene and xylene:damage to the liver, eyes, kidneys, skin and central nervous system;
  2. formaldehyde:causes eye irritation, respiratory problems (asthma) and can be cancerous;
  3. Alkylphenol ethoxylate:causes hormonal dysfunction;
  4. Acetone: itis toxic, narcotic and can cause irritation in the lungs;
  5. Formaldehyde (formaldehyde) and sodium hydroxide:this mixture can cause hair loss and burns;
  6. Cationic surfactants:cause skin irritation;
  7. Polyvinylpyrrolidone: itis carcinogenic and toxic to marine life.

Note : All these data are present on the website of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

Enamel is widely used in the salon and can cause various ailments

The search for beautification is valid and important, but due to all these risks, it is very important to seek trained and aware professionals in relation to the performance of the procedures and also to the purchase of products that are composed of the chemical substances described above.

We could not close this text without mentioning the fact that, in most of the procedures performed in the salon, the worked area (hair) is washed, which means that all these substances are also dumped in nature. In addition to harming health, the environment can also be attacked by these substances.


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