How to check your card balance Yes Ok

If you are a user of this firm, today we will teach you how to check the balance of your Sí Vale card and many other things.

Up Sí Vale was founded in Mexico in 1998 that provides solutions to provide benefits to employees of a company and thus help control its resources. In 2013 it was acquired by a French company.
As its name implies, Up Sí Vale offers, in addition to different types of cards, different types of Vouchers. If you are a user of this firm, stay with us because today we will teach you how to check the balance of your Sí Vale card and many other things .

What does Up Sí Vale offer?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Up Sí Vale provides solutions to control or disperse financial resources such as social security, incentive plans, work tools and gift cards. Some of these are:

Wallet + Pantry: This electronic wallet, authorized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), provides pantry benefits to all users. Accepted in more than 550 thousand stores throughout Mexico, this card has a latest generation chip to protect all carriers. The balance and movements can be seen from the mobile application, later we will show how.

Restaurant Card: Available to use in more than 89 restaurants in the country, this card will provide discounts and incredible offers to anyone who owns one. Like the rest of the cards, the balance and movements can be viewed in the application that is available for both Android and iOS.

Card + Uniforms: thanks to this service we will be able to acquire the uniform of our company anywhere in the world in order to feel part of it. This band card has security locks so that it cannot be used without authorization.

Up Benefits Well-being: this complete service of Up Yes Vale that ranges from home assistance to road assistance, will provide us with everything we need to keep ourselves and our families safe, healthy and with an excellent quality of life.

Travel control solutions: this business card will help us control expenses on a business trip. We can control it through the Up Business platform, which is available in web version and mobile version.

Fuel control solutions: similar to the previous service, with this card we can control everything related to the fuel in our vehicle.

Up Rewards: this virtual incentive card may be sent to us via email along with a catalog of brands so that we can access thousands of products available for purchase.

Card + Supports: the last solution that Up Sí Vale offers us is a card that has Chip + PIN technology that will be useful for us to receive payments that help us in our day to day.

How to register in the App Yes Okay?

The first thing you have to do is download the Sí Vale application from the following link if your device is an Android or from this if you have an iPhone. Then you just have to open it and complete the requested data, these are:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Entity.
  • Email to which you have access.
  • New password.

After completing the form, you will receive an activation email and you will only have to enter your Sí Vale card number and an alias for you to remember, for example “Personal card”.

How to check the card balance Yes Ok

There are several ways to check the balance of our Yes Vale card, below we will show and explain what they are:

Via Yes Vale Application: the easiest way to check the balance is by accessing the mobile application with our username and password, once there, we will be able to see when we have money in addition to accessing special benefits and the last 10 movements of the card .

Via Telephone: other ways is by calling (0155) 5814 9393 where in addition to checking the balance, we can see what the last five movements of the card have been.

Via website: by placing our email and password here , we will be able to view the balance we have left and the last 6 months of movements.

Via text message: in order to check the balance of our Yes Vale card through a text message, we must first access our data here and activate the SMS notifications by accessing the My Services panel . Once we have done this (it will only be necessary to do it once) we must send a message from our cell phone to 21616 by writing the word SIVALE + (space) + the 16 numbers on our card.

Why was my card rejected?

Another of the most frequently asked questions is why they sometimes reject our card. For this there are some answers: it may be because we have insufficient funds , in which case we only have to top up the balance and that’s it; It has a blockage for theft or loss , in this case we must make the proper claim if the card is ours; and finally it may happen that the business is not attached to Sí Vale so our card will not be valid.


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