Check out 4 tips on how to choose a good gynecologist!

Because it is intimate care, choosing a good gynecologist may not be an easy task for some women. However, knowing the professional, whether by referral or research, will be a good chance to guarantee excellence when it comes to your care in relation to health.

The gynecologist needs to transmit security and confidence, since this specialist must ensure the woman’s health. As difficult as it may be for some people, it is very important to go to the gynecologist. So, let’s see the reason to consult with this professional and tips so that you know how to choose a good gynecologist. Check out!

Importance of going to the gynecologist

The gynecologist takes care of the female reproductive system, takes care of the woman since her first menstruation, as well as her sexual health and even during pregnancy (in the case of the obstetrical gynecologist).

This professional is also responsible for solving problems in the female reproductive system, performing exams, therapies for menopause , family planning, advising on methods of prevention and contraception, and on diseases that women may acquire over the years.

How to choose a good gynecologist?

Keep reading this article and see tips for finding a gynecologist that is right for you!

1. Know what your needs are

It is important to analyze the reason why you choose a gynecologist. However, it is good to remember that this monitoring must start from adolescence, as it is recommended to visit the gynecologist from the first menstruation.

Usually, the mother usually takes her daughter to her doctor, but this need not be a rule, as she may not adapt to his style. So, if there is no adaptation, it is necessary to visit another one so that the girl can get used to an expert from an early age.

During the consultation, the gynecologist will ask about sexual life, conducting the examination of Pope Nicholas to check for sexually transmitted diseases and possible treatments. The specialist will also observe the entire genital region,  breasts and answer all questions related to women’s health. Therefore, it is important that you know the reason and the need to consult with a gynecologist at that time.

There may be a need to see an obstetrician gynecologist, this occurs when you are suspected of pregnancy or when you are certain that you are pregnant. To do this, check the behavior of your specialist, find out if he is reliable and if he has experience and care for patients.

Also, be sure to check if he is available in case of emergencies during pregnancy, such as bleeding. Another need is how to choose a good gynecologist that suits you, whether male or female. Feeling more comfortable with a woman than a man is normal, so assess what is best for you and how you will be most comfortable.

2. Seek recommendations

It is very common to ask for recommendations from doctors to close friends and family, regarding the gynecologist would be no different. Referral is one of the easiest and easiest ways to find a good gynecologist.

When indicated we can acquire more security when consulting with the specialist, but this is not a rule. The gynecologist who is great for your friend may not be for you, so consider all factors of the referral before making an appointment.

It is very important that the gynecologist is an ethical professional, as he deals with confidential information that can compromise the patient. Always observe if the doctor transmits confidence to you, if you are an empathetic person and if you have the patience to answer your questions.

Search your doctor’s profile on the internet. Nowadays there are social networks that help in the evaluation of professionals. So, look for recommendations, comments, evaluations, different treatments and qualities that the specialist has, at that moment the internet can be a great ally.

In addition, the specialist needs to treat his patients well, let them feel relaxed and confident, so that you can continue with the next appointments and exams .

3. Assess the clinic or office facilities

The office needs to be comfortable and accessible for you, comfort is important and demonstrates the doctor’s concern for the well-being of his patients. Take a good look at what the clinic offers, whether you have reading magazines or TV to watch while you wait.

These options can relieve nervousness and tension before the appointment . Another important point is to observe the hygiene of the place, always check that the accessories are clean and that the bed protector was changed before your service.

Always consider the quality of services offered by the clinic and your doctor, because the more the establishment offers, the more practical it will be for you. Always choose the clinic that has more services and treatments, which always seek the patient’s well-being.

4. Check availability

Good professionals tend to have more restricted schedules, as they have a large number of patients. However, it is interesting to note that this does not guarantee your competence. Therefore, it is important to always ask the specialist if, when you need urgent care, if it will be possible to fit you on the agenda.

It is extremely important that you consider the availability of your gynecologist, especially if you are during a pregnancy. The support of the gynecologist is necessary even if it is by phone or chat and e-mail applications.

Always good to remember that we are free to choose the professional that best suits us. The gynecologist needs to talk in a healthy way, without putting you under pressure. Because, if this happens, you may feel hurt during the consultation.

Now that you know how to choose a good gynecologist, know that you can change professionals as often as necessary, as establishing trust with your doctor is one of the most important steps to take care of your health, if you are not comfortable feel free to change specialists whenever you want!


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