Check out 10 benefits of skipping rope for the body

I bet when you were a kid you already skipped a lot of rope, right? But I certainly didn’t imagine at the time how much this activity could be useful for your life as an adult!

The fact is that in addition to being fun and practical, the jump rope exercise has numerous benefits for your body. The following is a list that will inspire you to practice this activity and have fun. Check out!

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10 benefits of skipping rope :

1. Improves the cardiovascular system

Studies show that between light and moderate exercises, jumping rope is the one that most favors cardiovascular fitness. This means that by doing this activity it is often possible to stimulate the cardiovascular system.

In this way, your organs work more efficiently, favoring the transport of oxygen and blood to the entire body. This can be seen as you become less breathless as you exercise.

2. Strengthens muscles

By jumping rope you also improve the muscle tone of the lower limbs, including, due to the jumps, which are movements that work the legs a lot.

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So, if you feel pain in them the next day, it is a sign that the leg muscles were really worked.

However, after a few days, even more if you continue to jump rope, the pain will disappear, as your legs are already adapting to the new movement and, at that moment, it is possible to increase the number of jumps. However, start slowly and gradually increase the jumps.

3. Strengthens bones

You should know that as people age their bones suffer wear and tear, therefore, it is indicated both the consumption of foods rich in calcium, in order to supply this loss.

However, exercises also work to reduce the damage suffered by bones over the years. It is the case of skipping rope, which contributes to the maintenance of bone composition and, consequently, favors its density and structure.

4. Favors balance

Imbalances are often caused by the lack of stability of the ankle and jumping rope favors a better performance of that part of the body.

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With the ankle worked properly, it is possible to avoid trips, sprains and even injuries that occur not only with athletes, but with people on a daily basis.

To make rope training even more efficient in this sense, you can alternate the rhythm, alternate jumps with one foot and make other movements, such as lowering yourself after jumping or crossing the ropes with your arms while jumping rope.

5. Develops motor coordination

In the same way it occurs with the motor coordination when jumping rope, which is better worked during the activity. As simple as it may seem, moving the rope and jumping at the same time is actually an exercise for the mind as well.

If you make variations while jumping rope the coordination will be further developed.

6. Burn calories

As if all the aforementioned skipping rope benefits weren’t enough, this activity is also ideal for those who want to lose weight.

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This is because it is a very efficient aerobic exercise , providing a high caloric expenditure. For even better results, be sure to gradually increase the number of jumps and the speed of the rope. ( Skipping rope for 1 hour burns an average of 700 calories )

However, just jumping rope is not enough. If you want to lose weight, you must combine this exercise with a balanced and healthy diet to reach the ideal weight, in addition to practicing other physical activities of your choice.

[Video – Thin skipping rope]

7. Aid in rehabilitation

Because it is an exercise that can be done with low impact, it is highly recommended by doctors to patients who are recovering from injuries.

Recovery is even faster when the problem occurred in one of the muscles where the activity acts directly, as is the case with the muscles of the calves, thighs, quadriceps and glutes.

The jumping rope also acts on the ankle, knees and feet, especially on the ligaments and tendons of those parts. In addition to having the guidance of a professional when the exercise is done for the purpose of rehabilitation, it is best that the jumps are low at the beginning.

8. You can jump anywhere

Those who do not like going to the gym find jumping rope a great ally of physical activities, as it does not require much space and even at home it is possible to perform the exercise.

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In the living room, just move the furniture away and, if the ceiling is too low, just wrap the rope more in your hands and lower it.

However, because it is an easy accessory to take to and fro, you can jump rope wherever you want, on the sidewalk at home, in the park or in the square. You have no excuse not to skip rope and increase your exercise.

And the best part is that it is an activity that comes out for free, requiring no financial investment, except to acquire the rope, which lasts for many years.

9. Ideal for everyone

Although it may seem like an individual physical activity, it is possible to make it collective. This can be done with two people moving the rope while the third one jumps.

This is the most common way, even, for children to play skipping rope. However, even in families it is possible to exercise in this way.

In addition to jumping rope is an activity that the whole family can do together, even if it is each one with their rope, there are no restrictions on sex or age to practice it. The only contraindication is for pregnant women, for whom the activity is not recommended during this period.

10. Allows easy control of the progress of the exercise

As it is an exercise that can be measured by the number of jumps, it is easy to control its evolution.

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In addition, it is recommended that when starting the activity a few sequences of jumps are made, without exaggeration and, little by little, it is possible to increase the quantity and speed. Thus, you can even always beat your own record.


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