Cheats and tips to get started in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We offer you a series of tricks and tips to master Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and that we do not miss any detail of its mechanics, systems and more.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a game belonging to the RPG genre. For this reason, you have a large number of options at our disposal, such as exploring wide open scenarios, doing side missions and activities such as cooking or fishing, completing side missions and more. Because all this can be a bit overwhelming at first, below and as part of this complete guide we offer you a series of general tips and tricks as long as you know how to manage your time in the game.

Tips and tricks to get started

The first thing we can tell you is that in the first bars of the game they will teach us the basic mechanics of the title : movement controls in open world and in battle, operation of secondary activities and more. Although we feel like launching into the adventure without further delay, we recommend paying attention to all these tutorials and reviewing them whenever we need it, especially in the field of combat (since there are several somewhat complex mechanics).

In addition, exploring the menu is essential in order to understand all its sections. If we are somewhat lost with the story of the game, we can consult the ” Encyclopedia Z ” in order to see the connections that each of the characters have, return to see the cinematics that we have witnessed during the story and many more options. As we progress through the adventure, we should take a moment to go to the menu and discover everything we’ve unlocked.

Complete the Community Tables

As we explained in the corresponding section, the Community Planks are a series of tables that are divided into the following types: Z Warriors, Cuisine, Training, Development, Gods, Adults and Adventure . Each of them has a leader and as we get to know the various characters in the game, they will give us their Emblems of the Soul . Each of them has one of the types of activities enhanced, so it is important that each time we obtain one, we place it where we think it is most convenient.

By doing so, we will obtain improvements such as an increase in the recovery effects, a greater defense or attack, a higher Ki, etc. Therefore, it is important to spend time studying and understanding the tables in order to use them efficiently, in addition to returning to them little by little in order to continue completing them.

Z orbs and combat skills of each protagonist

When we explore the open stages of the game we will find floating orbs with a Z inside them, of various colors. We can collect them by passing over them and it is important to do so, since it is the “ currency of change” to improve our combat skills . For example, Vegeta’s “Galick Cannon” can level up to deal more damage and be more effective.

All controllable characters have their corresponding section and to access it we must select “Character” in the game menu and then “Super-attack skill tree”. In addition, in “Palette of super-attacks” we can place and change those attacks that we prefer in the quick access menu.

Perform side missions

The secondary missions of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are more interesting than in other titles and it is not due to the actions we carry out (since they are usually very similar: battles, finding a certain item and so on), but to the characters we will meet and to the secondary stories that we will develop. They are full of winks to the original anime, so all those who enjoyed the story a few years ago will remember with nostalgia the characters and situations that we find.

On the other hand, there are some Emblems of the Soul that are only obtained if we carry out side missions and help certain characters, so if we want to get hold of all of them and have the complete Community Tables, it is advisable to look for the blue exclamation marks in the world map and carry out all the secondary missions that come out.

Spend time cooking and have healing items

Although we believe that we are always ready for all the battles that come our way, this is not always the case. Therefore, we recommend having a series of healing items (that we can buy in stores) at our disposal in the quick access menu in order to use them in combat if our health bar is in danger.

As for food , it is important to sit on a bonfire to rest and eat in order to recover all our HP and restore the Ki before continuing to fight. We can also eat from the menu if we already have the dishes prepared, so it is advisable to take some of it with us.

Take advantage of time in the “Intermediates”

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot we will live various sagas of the classic anime. In the time that passes between one and the other, the “ Intermedios ”, we will have the freedom to carry out any activity that we want: explore the open scenarios of the world, carry out secondary missions , go for the Dragon Balls in order to obtain wishes (available after complete the second saga, that of Frieza), train to level up, collect Z Orbs, talk to multiple characters, etc.

Due to the huge number of options available, it is important to take a break from so much battle in order to dedicate time to all this and thus improve our options to face all the challenges and enemies that we will find in the main story.


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