Cheats for Stellaris;codes and trainers for Stellaris

Updated list of cheat codes and trainers for the game Stellaris

How to redeem codes in Stellaris

Open the console with the ” ~ ” key , then enter the code and press Enter. Codes cannot be activated in Steel Will mode.

List of cheats for Stellaris

  • instant_build– accelerated building for all factions, including AI, must be used exclusively on pause. Disabled by re-entering the command
  • create_megastructure [TAB]– builds mega-structure in the selected system, TAB – structure number.
  • invincible– immortality for the fleet
  • add_ship (x – ship type)– create a fleet with 1 ship
  • attackallfleets– the fleet attacks all opponents, as well as itself
  • democratic_election– holding new elections
  • spawnall– Make all primitive civilizations sane
  • planet_happiness [x – number]– give happiness to the selected planet
  • tweakergui debugtooltip– show planet and race IDs
  • free_government– instant government reform
  • tag [faction name]– play for the selected faction


  • research_all_technologies– study all technologies
  • finish_special_projects– Completion of all researched special projects
  • ftl– Unlimited FTL jump
  • free_policies– removal of restrictions on the adoption of laws
  • survey– exploration of all planets without using scientific ships
  • finish_research– finish active research of technologies and select new ones
  • instant_move– instant movement of ships, you need to select the target and hold down RMB to plot a course

Politics and diplomacy

  • contact– open all civilizations and contacts with them
  • play ID– switch empires, where ID is its number
  • federation_add_cohesion (x – cohesion value)– add federation cohesion
  • federation_add_cohesion_speed (x – speed value)– add the speed of increasing the cohesion of the federation
  • federation_add_experience (x – level)– Add a level for federation.
  • intel– disables the first contact event and gives all information about civilizations
  • debug_yesmen– AI accepts all agreements
  • skills (x – skill level)– all leaders receive the maximum qualifications
  • activate_all_traditions– activation of all traditions
  • unlock_edicts– all decrees become available

Planets and colonies

  • instant_colony– instant colonization after colonization
  • finish_terraform– instant completion of terraforming all planets
  • planet_size 1-78– change the size of the planet – from 1 to 78 (maximum value)
  • own– capture the planet \ fleet, for this you need to select the target before entering the code
  • effect add_deposit = (x)– adding resources, where (x) is a specific type of resources
  • energy– energy loans
  • food– food
  • alloys– alloys
  • minerals– minerals
  • consumer_goods– consumer goods
  • physics_research– physics research
  • society_research– social research
  • engineering_research– engineering research
  • influence– influence
  • sr_terraform_gases– terraforming gases
  • sr_terraform_liquids– terraforming fluids
  • sr_garanthium– guaranteed ore
  • sr_orillium– orillium ore
  • sr_pitharan– Pitarian dust
  • sr_lythuric– lituric gas
  • sr_teldar– Teldar
  • sr_yuranic– crystals of yuranic
  • sr_engos– Engos vapor
  • sr_neutronium– untronium ore
  • sr_living_metal– live metal
  • sr_zro– zro
  • sr_dark_matter– dark matter
  • sr_satramene– satramen gas
  • sr_alien_pets– alien pets
  • sr_betharian– betarian stone
  • sr_riggan– riggan spices
  • sr_xuran– xura-gel
  • sr_muutagan– muutagan crystal
  • sr_nanites– nanomachines
  • volatile_motes– flying dust
  • rare_crystals– rare crystals
  • exotic_gases– exotic gases


Activate event crisis. (X is a number) , after which the crisis in the empire starts.

  • event crisis. (10)– a swarm of locusts
  • event crisis. (199)– instant call of locusts, bypassing the introductory chains
  • event crisis. (1000)– disembodied locust that devours everything in its path
  • event crisis. (1100)– disembodied locust, fighting with locust 1000
  • event crisis. (2000)– uprising of the machines
  • event crisis. (2400)– a sentient machine that helps organic life forms in war with other machines

The ships

  • add_ship Seeker– small alien corvette
  • add_ship Starfang– alien destroyer
  • add_ship Persistent– heavy alien destroyer
  • add_ship Sword– Medium Cruiser
  • add_ship Divine Glory– battleship
  • add_ship Protector– medium destroyer
  • add_ship Nomad Cruiser– nomad cruiser
  • add_ship Cloud Entity– sign in cloud
  • add_ship Corsair– pirate frigate
  • add_ship Black Earl– pirate cruiser
  • add_ship Pirate Galleon– pirate dreadnought galleon
  • add_ship Ancient Mining Drone– ancient mining drone (small)
  • add_ship Ancient Combat Drone– ancient combat drone
  • add_ship Ancient Destroyer– ancient destroyer drone
  • add_ship Great Space Organism– Space Uterus Amoeba
  • add_ship DS47– space probe
  • add_ship Sentry– sensor station
  • add_ship Vigil– Guardian Station
  • add_ship Origo Ore– Crystal Nest
  • add_ship Dimensional Horror– interdimensional horror
  • add_ship Grand Dragon– Ethereal Dragon
  • add_ship Dragonspawn– young Ethereal Dragon
  • add_ship Stellarite– Star Eater
  • add_ship Hive Ast eroid– asteroid hive
  • add_ship Spectral Wraith 450THz– Red Ghost Pulsar
  • add_ship Spectral Wraith 520THz– Yellow Ghost Pulsar
  • add_ship Spectral Wraith 650THz– blue phantom
  • add_ship Shroud Avatar– shroud avatar
  • add_ship Void Dwelling– dwelling in the void
  • add_ship Voidspawn– spawn void
  • add_ship Reclaimer– robot scavenger
  • add_ship Progenitor– Tiyanka matriarch
  • add_ship Simulated Dragonspawn– L-Dragon

Changing the type of planets

  • planet_class pc_alpine– high mountain world
  • planet_class pc_arctic– arctic world
  • planet_class pc_arid– arid world
  • planet_class pc_continental– continental world
  • planet_class pc_desert– desert world
  • planet_class pc_ocean– ocean world
  • planet_class – pc_savannah– savannah world
  • planet_class pc_tropical– tropical world
  • planet_class pc_tundra– tundra world
  • planet_class pc_nuked– lost world
  • planet_class pc_gaia– perfect world
  • planet_class pc_relic– relic world
  • planet_class pc_machine– world of machines
  • planet_class pc_hive– hive world
  • planet_class pc_habitat– orbital fortress
  • planet_class pc_ringworld_habitable– ring world
  • planet_class pc_ice_asteroid– ice asteroid


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