Cheats for ‘Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition’ (PC)

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition’ Steam version Achievements and Cheats Guide. – Platform: PC

Part of the band

Complete the Market Pursuit mission.


Defeat 5 enemies using different environment attacks.

Gold reached

Get a gold in the prize register.

Minor prestige

Get prestige level 2.

The strong arm of the law

Complete a case.

Fashion conscious

Change all your clothes in the wardrobe or in a clothing store.


Successfully perform a robbery on the go.


Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs, and careers.

Light silver

Get 5 Silver on the Prize Register.

The man who walks

Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town, and North Point.

So they will learn

Complete Revenge.

Golden fever

Get 5 gold on the prize register.

A slap in the face

Kill someone with a fish.


Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs, and careers.


Pick locks, safes, put on mikes, track phones and hack cameras.

Gaining prestige

Get prestige level 5.


Complete End of the World.


Win a bet on cockfighting.

Substantial silver

Get 15 Silver on the Prize Register.

A great betrayal

Complete Heist at the Shipyard.


Shoot the wheels of the cops while escaping from a police chase.

Event buff

Complete half of the open world events.

Great prestige

Get prestige level 10.

Martial law

Defeat all 4 martial arts clubs.

Animal graveyard

Send Dog Eyes, Ratface and Horsetail back to hell.

Gun crazy

Use 10 different firearms to defeat the enemies.


Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs, and careers.

Smiles for everyone

Complete Smiles Lee.

High roller

Win HK $ 50,000 in a single cockfight.

Feline expulsion

Kick Smiles Cat.

Sect master

Defeat the Adepts.

I feel safe

Drive for 2 minutes in a row at more than 60 km / h without damaging your car.

Case closed

Complete all cases.


Unlock ten police upgrades.


Try 10 different foods or drinks.

Touch of gold

Get 15 gold on the prize register.

What’s on hand

Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.

Spiritual healing

Pray in all the Shrines.

Ghosts and that

Complete all secondary content for A Nightmare on North Point.


Steal 5 trucks to get their cargo.

Bounty Hunter

Complete all of Roland’s jobs.

Mr. Nice Guy

Complete all favors.

Best of Hong Kong

Complete all secondary content in Year of the Snake.

Karaoke Superstar

Get 90% or more on all songs at Karaoke bars in HK.

Road wei

Complete all street races.

Money from hell

Find all the money shrines.

Good samaritan

Find all the collectible evidences.

Ultimate fighter

Unlock ten Triad Upgrades.

Central Defiler

Open all the armored boxes in Central.

Vehicles fan

Buy all vehicles.

North Point Defiler

Open all the armored boxes in North Point.

Fashion victim

Buy all the clothes.

Hong Kong Super Pirate

Hack every security camera in the game.

West Side Defiler

Open all the armored boxes in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.

Cursed gold

Get 5 gold awards.

Solid silver

Get 30 Silver on the Prize Register.

Event fan

Complete all Open World Events.

Chief inspector

Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and careers.

Pure gold

Get 30 gold on the prize register.


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