Cheats for Heroes 3 (Heroes of might and magic 3)

Cheats for Heroes of Might and Magic 3, giving luck, morale, experience, all buildings and more

To open the window for entering codes, press the TAB key on the keyboard. In the case of the Russian-language version of the game, to enter English letters, you must hold down the Ctrl key. When cheats are activated, an inscription appears on the screen that the player is cheating, a similar inscription can be seen in the hall of fame with the player’s results. Note that cheats only work in single player mode.

Cheats for game “Heroes of might and magic 3: Breath of Death and Chronicles of Heroes”

All codes for heroes 3 from the latest version of Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Breath of Death and the Chronicles of Heroes are a reference to the characters in the movie “The Matrix”.

  • nwcneo– +1 to hero level
  • nwcagents– the ability to add 10 Black Knights to each army slot
  • nwctrinity– the ability to add 5 Archangels to each empty army slot
  • nwclotsofguns– getting all war machines
  • nwcfollowthewhiterabbit– maximum luck
  • nwcnebuchadnezzar– the possibility of endless movement of the hero on the map
  • nwcmorpheus– maximum morale
  • nwcoracle– open obelisk map
  • nwcwhatisthematrix– opens a terrain map
  • nwcignoranceisbliss– hide the terrain map
  • nwctheconstruct– +100000 gold, +100 units of each resource
  • nwcthereisnospoon– getting 999 units of mana and all spells
  • nwczion– all buildings are built in all cities
  • nwcbluepill– the script plays instantly
  • nwcredpill– Scenario is instantly won
  • nwcphisherprice– color change

Cheats for game “Heroes of might and magic 3: Blade of Armageddon”

The developers added a reference to Star Wars in the first addition to Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Blade of Armageddon – all cheats for heroes 3 are named after the characters in the George Lucas universe.

  • nwcquigon– +1 to hero level
  • nwcpadme– the army is replenished with a squad of Archangels
  • nnwcdartmaul– the army is replenished with a squad of Black Knights
  • nwccoruscant– all buildings are built in all your cities
  • nwcr2d2– Get all combat vehicles
  • nwcwatto– more money and resources
  • nwcpodracer– the number of hero moves increases
  • nwcprophecy– open obelisk map
  • nwcrevealourselves– opening a map of the area
  • nwcmidichlorians– getting 999 mana and all available spells

Cheats for game “Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Rise of Erathia”

  • nwconlyamodel– all buildings appear in the castle
  • nwcsirrobin– mission ends in defeat
  • nwctrojanrabbit– mission ends in victory
  • nwcavertingoureyes– 35 additional Archangels
  • nwcantioch– Get all combat vehicles
  • nwcigotbetter– +1 to hero level
  • nwccastleanthrax– Maximum Luck
  • nwccoconuts– infinite number of moves
  • nwcmuchrejoicing– maximum morale
  • nwcalreadygotone– the puzzle with secrets becomes complete (mystery map)
  • nwcgeneraldirection– full map opening
  • nwcshrubbery– income bonus
  • nwctim– the hero gets all magic and 999 spell points
  • nwcfleshwound– Acquiring 50 Black Knights
  • nwcphisherprice– the color of the map becomes more saturated

Cheats for game “Heroes of Might and Magic 3: In the Name of the Gods”

Codes for the “In the Name of the Gods” add-on work only in single player mode when the option to disable cheat codes in the Wog settings is disabled.

Codes that work only on the card:

  • wogminastirith– all buildings are under construction
  • woggandalfwhite– +1 to hero level
  • wogfellowship– maximum fighting spirit
  • wogbilbo– maximum luck
  • woggaladriel– Archangels are added to each empty slot
  • wogpathofthedead– 10 Black Knights are added to each empty slot
  • wogoliphaunt– getting all war machines
  • wogshadowfax– the possibility of endless movement around the map
  • wogsaruman– Gain 999 Spell Points
  • wogpalantir– open the Grail card
  • wogeyeofsauron– opening the world map
  • wogmordor– hide the world map
  • wogisengard– +100000 gold, +100 units of each resource
  • wogsarumanofmanycolors– colors become more saturated
  • wogonering– the scenario is automatically won
  • wogdarklord– script automatically plays

Combat-only cheats:

  • woggandalf– + 999 spell points
  • wogfrodo– automatic battle victory
  • wogdenethor– automatic losing battle


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