Cheats for ‘Alien Isolation’ (PS3)

Guide to trophies and cheats for ‘Alien Isolation’. – Platform: PS3

Witnesses to the disaster

Get an archive record.


Complete the first mission.

Make and survive

Craft an item.

The missing

Get an identification tag.

Welcome to Sevastopol

Complete the second mission.

A perfect organism

Meet the alien in Sevastopol for the first time.

The hunt begins

Complete the third mission.

Every bullet counts

Use the revolver.

It’s in the ducts …

Use the ventilation system 20 times.

Fault detected

Kill an android.

Not a scratch

Escape an android attack without taking damage.

Shouldn’t be there

Complete the fourth mission.

Power games

Access to 10 different reprogramming systems

How you feel”

Complete the fifth mission.

Let them burn!

Use the flamethrower.


Drive the alien back using the flamethrower.


Take down a human or stun an android with a blunt attack.

Shock treatment

Use the electric baton.

In the trap

Complete the sixth mission.

Seegson security hack

Hack 10 times.

I admire your purity

Detect 30 targets with the motion sensor.

A milestone of progress

Complete the seventh mission.

Not the first

In self defense

Kill ten humans.

Use with caution …

Use the shotgun.

The hook

Complete the 10th mission.

A real engineer

Make all possible objects.

Risk containment

Complete the eleventh mission.

A synthetic solution

Complete the twelfth mission.


Complete the thirteenth mission.

See if it works

Use the magnetic weapon.

Alien cocktail

Repel the alien using a Molotov.

Seegson Systems Expert

Complete 10 minigames.

The switch

The voices of Sevastopol

Get 100 file records.

The message


Free the Torrens

Complete the seventeenth mission.

Ripley. End of stream.

Complete the game on any difficulty.

The end of the hunt

Complete the eighteenth mission.

Hide Runs. Survive.

It’s my turn

Kill an android using only the maintenance tool.

Out of reach

Contact your teammates and escape Communications without being attacked by a single android.


Complete the game on the highest difficulty.

Go with an eye

Go for Maintenance of the reactor without dying.

100 times is few

Mercy or prudence ”

Complete the game without killing humans.


Get all the badges.

For the files

Collect 10 Nostromo Records

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