Cheapest and safest shipping options on AliExpress

When making purchases through the AliExpress website we can count on it offering us different shipping systems so that we can choose the one that best suits our needs. If you need your shipment to arrive quickly, the ideal is to use the AliExpress Standard Shipping shipping method. Below you will find more information.

What is a parcel service?

Today we are in an era where the internet offers us all kinds of services and we can carry out almost any action through it. Purchases through platforms created exclusively for buying and selling have become almost necessary these days. However, it can get a bit complicated because most of the items we want to buy are at a distant distance from us.

For that there is the parcel service , basically it is the one in charge of bringing the purchases you make through your AliExpress account from anywhere to the address you provide. There are thousands of parcel service companies that adapt to your needs.

Cheapest and safest shipping options on AliExpress

If you have made purchases on AliExpress, you probably know that their sales system is very simple, however, you may not be entirely sure as to which shipping options to use that are cheap and safe.

Certainly there are different ways to get your purchase to the address that you provide, although these options have different categories, based on the possibility of tracking your package, the speed with which you want it to arrive and the price .

For secure purchases on AliExpress, sellers usually select or offer the shipping methods that seem most convenient to them, such as the shipping company. However, if the buyer does not agree with the seller’s decision, he can manage to use the method that suits him best.

AliExpress sellers often offer the most convenient shipping methods for them. When making a purchase it almost always comes with the free shipping option selected . This option has three types of shipments.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most used methods for AliExpress shipments since it has no extra cost and has an online package tracking system . However, it has a delivery time of around 30 to 60 days.

Much like the ePacket EMS shipping option . Shipping by mail also falls into this category since it is totally free if the warehouse is located in Spain.

It is also possible to make shipments through private companies , which offer many tracking options and delivery time, however they have a relatively high cost.

What is the best parcel service on AliExpress?

AliExpress sellers previously offered the cheapest shipping option as default shipping , therefore they did not have a tracking system for them.

For this reason, many of the buyers took advantage and claimed that their purchases had never been delivered to them and the sellers had no way of knowing whether it was true or not. Because of this, most sellers now implement paid , but low-cost, shipping systems in order to be sure of receipt of their sales.

Without a doubt, AliExpress offers three shipping methods that are certainly safer and cheaper than others. Although the process of this depends directly on the seller of the items. The most common, safest and cheapest shipping options on AliExpress. These three have different characteristics in terms of their price, speed of delivery and online tracking system.

The buyer should evaluate these methods to choose one that best suits his interests. If the buyer places a small order of less than 2kg, his best option would be ordinary shipments , although this does not have a tracking system or requires a collection signature guide.

On the other hand, certified shipments offer greater security for the buyer’s peace of mind, since it has a tracking system, insured delivery and with guarantee. AliExpress offers this shipping system and it is one of the most used by buyers. This system does require a signature at the time of collection.


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