How to chat with the girl you like? Do you want to chat every day if you like girls?

As a boy, if you chase a girl you like, you should take the initiative. It is easy to miss the opportunity if you are too proactive. However, if you are too proactive and talk to her every day, it may be counterproductive. How to chat with the girl you like?

1. Don’t shrink from active chat

If you want to chat with someone you like, in addition to face-to-face, the most commonly used method is cell phone chat, so you have to have the contact information of the other party, or else talk about chatting. Once you have the contact information of the other party, don’t hesitate to chat when it’s time to chat, don’t flinch, don’t be nervous, seize the opportunity, it is possible to harvest love!

2. Find common topics when chatting

Of course, if you want to know each other in advance, Moments is the best way. You can use the latest news from her in Moments as the topic of chat, and then from this topic, you can also derive a lot of things you can talk about. topic. Of course, during the chat, you can know what the other person likes from the side, so that there will be new chat topics in the next chat!

You can ask about other people’s hobbies, daily habits, or if there are any grievances in life. If you can impress the other person, she will confide in you. If a girl always confides her troubles to you, there is a high probability. . Ask her out for a walk, relax, hold hands, and hug it.

3. Be humorous when chatting

Sometimes you will talk about more relaxed topics. At this time, you have to use your mind and think of some unusual answers, or use a little humorous language, so that you can attract girls’ attention to you, humorous boys. It really attracts the attention of girls, so use a sense of humor when chatting!

4. Proactively ask each other in chat

If you want to make progress between you faster, you can only chat on your mobile phone in the previous week or half a month, so that you can get familiar with each other. In the later time, at least ask the other party to come out to play or watch a movie within a week. Of course, some girls may be slower and may be rejected when you invite her for the first time. Don’t be discouraged at this time. Invite her once or twice a week. This will further your relationship. !

In fact, wanting to chase someone is very simple, only being serious, being nice to her, caring about everything about her, and letting her know that you love her and are used to your presence. I think there is no problem.


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