How to chase girls better? Try these routines

Because of the growing environment, many boys don’t say chasing girls, but chatting with girls all day is not good. Today I will bring you 3 routines for chasing girls, telling everyone how to chase girls and compare them it is good.

1. Keep a sense of mystery

I believe that many brothers have heard this sentence, “You have won half by letting a woman take the initiative to guess you.”

It is difficult for humans to control their curiosity.

Of course, the sense of mystery here is not to let the brothers pretend to be crazy or make up some stories that don’t exist to deceive girls. After all, doing so will only make girls want to call the police every minute.

The sense of mystery cannot be judged solely on the basis of the outside. The creation of the sense of mystery needs to be assisted by our dealings with others: display and deliberate maintenance.

Demonstration: After we have experienced enough experience, we will naturally have a calmness that does not change.

And this calmness will let you know what you should do and what you can’t do at a critical time. You can calmly and perfectly solve problems that others can’t handle. This shows your “mystery” “.

Make others wonder how many unknown experiences there are behind you. This is the source of the “mystery”.

When a girl has a preliminary curiosity about you, when she comes to ask you questions, we must maintain a principle:

Answer three of the five questions, and two of them are ambiguous.

for example:

When a girl asks how old you are, you can answer like this:

“When it comes to age, I really have a headache. I took a psychological test two days ago and it turned out to be 45 years old. I was depressed for several days. I thought I was still old enough to be called a little brother. My sister said, this is good, girls like mature boys. Eh, don’t you think?”

This is a very good way to deliberately maintain a sense of mystery, neither directly answering the girls’ questions, but also allowing the chat to go on.

But pay attention to a yardstick, otherwise it will be annoying for girls to ask three questions.

Because of mystery, I want to know your true face even more. Because of being special, I also want to know your unknown experiences and abilities.

Although women are petite and weak, they have an urge to conquer men in their hearts, and these can just arouse their desires.

2. Express your inner vulnerability

In the eyes of girls, boys’ images are usually strong and independent, so if you occasionally show your fragility to a girl, she will naturally feel that you are no longer the relationship of ordinary friends, because you do not The well-known side is shown in front of her, she is that special presence for you.

Showing fragility can also inspire a girl’s motherhood and give her the urge to protect you.

for example:

You and the girl chatted about pets one day, you can tell her:

“I used to raise a dog called Xiaoqi. It was all white and very spiritual. It spent a long time in my childhood. I used to be bullied at school or criticized by my parents. Leaning close to me to comfort me. But it passed away a few years ago, and I have never raised a dog since. Now I always think of it when I am particularly confused and helpless at work, you Said it would be great if it was still there.”

This kind of inner vulnerability and sensitivity generally expresses temporary confusion, depression, and your powerlessness in the face of life.

But brothers, remember that fragility is only a short-term, not your long-term state. Generally, you still have to show a positive state.

You can also discuss with girls how to overcome this depression and show your positivity.

Three, cold reading

Cold reading is to know the other person you just met, and tell the other person about the characteristics of the other person’s personality, so that the other person feels that you know her very well and arouse the other person’s interest in you.

In fact, many times, even if a girl chats with you or even agrees to a date, she does not completely accept you from the heart.

Because everyone’s subconscious wants to protect themselves, they will habitually hide their truest thoughts.

And through cold reading, you can effectively knock out the outer shell of the girl, allowing you to establish a closer relationship and trust.


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