Characters available in Divinity: Original Sin 2

In this article you can find information about the available characters in Divinity: Original Sin 2

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After starting the game, you will need to make an important choice. Either choose a ready-made character, or create your own from scratch.

Pre-made characters can still join you on your travels if you have an empty slot. You will meet most of these characters in the first act, and thanks to this you will have the opportunity to take part in more difficult battles with an already experienced group.

When creating a party, carefully read all the characters and make sure that the party members complement each other. Considering the mechanics of the game, I would recommend making a group of two melee characters, a mage and a rogue. Choose your group responsibly, because choosing the wrong group can make it difficult for you to play. This applies to both battles and dialogues with inscriptions.

I will tell you about individual game classes in another article, and here – about ready-made characters.

Available characters

When choosing a ready-made character, you should keep in mind that he can have good or infamous fame in the game. In addition, each of the heroes has a tag that is attached to their name, so you can expect additional dialogue or actions.


  • Female gender.
  • Race: Human.
  • Tags: # Lhose # Mysterious # Jester.
  • Predispositions: from the analysis of her background, it can be understood that this character is predisposed to magic and relies on intelligence.

Red prince

  • Gender: male.
  • Race: lizard.
  • Tags: # Red Prince # Noble # Scientist.
  • Predisposition: in the case of this character, everything is clear. Thanks to his tags, he can ask questions that will expand your knowledge of the game world and they will be rather rude to all representatives.


  • Female gender.
  • Race: elf.
  • Tags: # Sebil # Robber # Scientist.
  • Tendencies: Her backstory and tags suggest that this character relies on agility and critical damage. Sebil belongs to the rogue class and at the same time she can receive useful information about all things in the game, for example, about new equipment.

Ifan ben Mezd

  • Gender: male.
  • Race: Human.
  • Tags: # Ifan # Villain # Rogue # Soldier.
  • Traits: Addicted to Drudan – he gains an additional action point per turn if under the influence of grass.
  • Predispositions: It should be noted that this character is the most developed of all the ready-made characters. We are talking about tags and bonuses from using herbs. This character needs to develop agility, the art of murder, theft and picking locks.
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