20 Characteristics of Strong Woman You Must Know

Characteristics of Strong Woman.There are many different personalities in the world.Woman cannot be described under a single label. It is now difficult to describe a universe in which many women are characterized by a very strong character.

Women’s reproduction and agricultural work are often linked in fertility-based religions. Procreation not only gives women prestige but through rituals fosters their identification with vital forces. Because power was defined in Africa by authority not over inert, limited factors of production such as land but over one’s own life and that of others, women’s power depended greatly on their children. A woman without descendants was by definition powerless.

20 Characteristics of Strong Woman You Must Know.

20 Characteristics of Strong Woman You Must Know

In contrast to men, whose identity came from their ancestors, women’s identity came from their children. Among the Nuer and elsewhere, a man was called “son of so-and-so,” while a married woman was called “mother of so-and-so” (normally her first-born son). Even today, the value given to procreative capacity and motherhood (female identity linked to fertility) is probably a major difference between concepts of women’s emancipation in Africa and the West. In Western society to associate woman with nature in opposition to man, the symbol of culture, is to condemn her to inferiority.

In subsistence societies, where women’s role was key to survival, men certainly asserted their political supremacy, but women always retained opportunities for power. These were particularly clear in matrimonial societies. Offices and wealth were passed down through the female line. Men’s power was more diffuse as a result; life was organized around the mother. The maternal line was so important that real power sometimes fell into the hands of women. Even among the Tonga, where women’s submission was great, there were women chiefs who had power over very limited units of production in this area of widely scattered homes.

  • A strong character allows you to better deal with problems and difficulties , without being overwhelmed and disheartened. A strong individual does not cry for himself but tries to find a solution to get out of a negative period and rediscover the light, analyzing the facts in a rational way.
  • She rarely externalizes his discomfort , he hates to be seen down in the dumps, and for this reason he shows a smile even when he has hell inside.
  • She carries on his position and his ideas without fear, even if he finds himself alone against everyone. He does not allow himself to be influenced by the opinions and judgments of others. He has great self-esteem and is perfectly aware of his qualities and his limitations. He always aspires to the best for himself, he is not one who is satisfied.
  • She is endowed with great determination and stubbornness : he knows what he wants and will work hard to get it.
  • He rarely lets himself be overwhelmed by emotions, he prefers to act according to what his head tells him rather than listen to his heart. For these character traits he can appear cold and aloof, as if nothing around him was able to scratch his armor.

Characteristics of strong women and what can hinder a relationship with them?

1- Strong women love unconditionally

The love of a strong woman is total, unreserved. Just like mothers with their children, a strong woman loves her man her with a unique dedication. Some men fail to prove the same, and because of this they are afraid of such a great feeling.

2- They require honesty

The relationship with a personality of this type must be loyal, transparent. With a woman like this, tricks and teenage lies don’t work. Not all men are ready for a relationship of this type.

3- Strong women are not ashamed of their past

Often within a relationship different and misunderstandings arise because one of the two partners tries to cancel his experience, his experiences. A strong woman, even when she has been through experiences she always turns her head up high.

4- They expose their insecurities

Not loving lies and subterfuges, they are always direct. They do not revolve around issues and do not allow to be made fun of or not to know the truth. They know difficulties exist, but they don’t want a partner who is unable to cope with them.

5- They live with intensity

Precisely because they have known defeats and disappointments, strong women never give up putting themselves into everything they do. By treasuring the lessons learned, but without ever giving up the passion that animates them inside.

6- They demand respect

Respect is an indispensable element in a true and sincere relationship. Respect does not always mean agreement or sharing, and this is why a relationship often breaks down.

Especially when the partner selfishly aims to be right.
Strong women ask for respect and give respect.

7- They are not expecting anyone

When a woman realizes that her partner has taken a different path, she asks and asks for explanations. But if she realizes that the roads are separating, she doesn’t hold back. And she doesn’t wait. Almost never.

8- They love to live their desires

Strong women don’t hide their desires and fantasies. Even in the intimate sphere. They are willing to follow and support their partner, but at the same time they ask for reciprocity. They do not like to live relationships left to chance, without feeling satisfied for this.

9- They do not seek refuge in a man

It is characteristic of the female personality to seek refuge in the partner and a person who can solve problems for her. That’s not what a woman of character wants. She appreciates the help and she loves to feel backed up, but she never abides her responsibility for her.

10- They love surprises

Precisely because they are resolute women and always at the forefront of the battle of life, they love surprises. They want a man who understands when they need a hand or when it’s time to unplug. They hate men who don’t move a finger unless asked to.

11- They never play with other people’s feelings

We have seen in the previous points how important loyalty and fairness are for strong women. Just as they demand respect, they show it. Always bearing in mind that it is not nice to hurt for free and not even to play with your partner’s feelings.

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