Characteristics of Russian literature


  • Characteristics of Russian literature
  • Advantages of the Russian School of Literature
  • The best literary works in Russia
    • A novel of war and peace
    • Brothers Karamazov
    • Parents and sons
    • Jivaco Doctor

Russian literature is one of the most important types of European culture, especially the global as a whole, as it is literature with a wide audience, classic and elegant, and can never be ignored. Many lovers of literature and reading know the value of valuable Russian writings, and the value of writers who have reached the world and for unparalleled awards in Literature and creativity.

Characteristics of Russian literature

  • Russian literature is considered among the best types of global literary culture, as it is a science of great weight and value, especially as it is one of the wonderful heritage monuments, not only but the effect of Russian literature on the writings of all world literature pioneers, so the writer is always an educated lover to read, as his knowledge is based on Talent, then reading and learning, and creativity is born from difference. There are also many novels, books, stories and poetry that have been engraved in the history of world literature and have been proven as archaeological landmarks that cannot be matched by modern culture [1] .
  • Russian literature is distinguished by its history and of great value, as it is considered one of the oldest types of literature in the world, and there are many ancient pioneers who carved their names on the walls of history, immortalizing works of great value and prestige.
  • Russian literature dates back to the Middle Ages, where Russian literature began during the era of the Soviet Union, and those eras are considered to be the ages of conquest and civilization, as the Russian language began to spread in the new states, especially since that period was at the beginning of the thirties of the last century.
  • Since the beginning of the emergence of Russian literature, it was on the path to success, as it quickly became famous, and the first pioneers began with art and creativity, as they wrote books and organized poetry.

Advantages of the Russian School of Literature

  • The Russian school was known as a purely romantic school, as it is considered one of its most important features of romance and soft writing, which led to the association of many lovers of poetic writing with Russian literature, as all the poems poured into the romantic and emotional side.
  • The twentieth era witnessed many wonderful writings and great works, as Russian literature has retained its existence, especially as it is known among writers of a great position and a special and distinctive character.
  • Russian literature is characterized by classicism and a penchant for smooth storytelling devoid of fantasies and dramatic dramatic expressions.
  • Among the features of Russian literature is the casting in the idea of ​​salvation and escape, and getting rid of negative thoughts, as a result of the era in which it is going on, as Russian literature flourished in eras dominated by wars, as World War II began at the height of the golden age of Russian literature.
  • Russian literature is known for its award-winning literature, and among the most famous Russian writers who won the Nobel Prize in Literature are (Ivan Pionin, Joseph Brodsky, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Michel Shulukov, Boris Pasternak)
  • Russian literature is characterized by reaping the world places in the literary ranking, as Russia ranked fourth in 2011 in the production of literary books.

The best literary works in Russia

There is a group of wonderful literary works that man cannot pass through throughout history, where people gain experience and information, not only, literature is one of the sciences that nourish the soul, work the brain, relax the soul and cheer up, especially since Russian literature in particular has a place A large number of literary works worldwide, and among those works [2] [3] :

A novel of war and peace 

War and Peace is considered one of the great novels in the history of Russian literature, and it is one of the novels presented by the great writer Leo Tolstoy, as that novel garnered many readings, and critics considered it the best novels in the history of Leo Tolstoy himself, as the fame of that novel spread internationally and was known in all countries And it became the focus of attention and a rush of everyone, due to the fact that the novel was written with a distinct plot, unique realism and a vast imagination, and the most difficult thing that the writer can do is to make the readers not know the difference between truth and fiction, because the realistic literary plot makes readers fall into the sea of ​​novels, they do not know any Waves are fun and whichever one hurts, so you may consider this novel a landmark of Russian literature.

The novel revolves around the French occupation and the period of Napoleon Bonaparte’s tenure, and his leadership of the occupation campaign against Moscow, as he narrated the events in a wonderful embodiment, in which he described all the conflicts that took place in that era, and described the defeat in a distinctive way, showing how the French soldiers and their leader Napoleon did not endure the bitter cold In Russia, the role of Tsar also embodied Russia in a revered, great and upscale way, as he rejected in various ways the occupation and fought for his country until God helped him and sent the cold warrior from the country, because its people refused to surrender.

The novel combined many stories where there was more than one story that could be known through the simple novel, written in a very smooth manner, in which Tolstoy described the youth and their feelings, death and their grief, the old man and his patience, and he described all spectrums, which made the novel touch hearts, and everyone feels its richness Prepared for him, telling the history and everyone’s fun.

Brothers Karamazov

Dostoyevsky is considered one of the most important Russian writers, as his works were distinguished by good formulation, abundance of lessons, and more advice and experiences, and his phrase is still a beacon for young people in all countries of the world, as phrases, proverbs and similes are still alive and effective today, as the most beautiful thing he does The writer for himself can write for all times, so you can live his writings and see what he did not see in his life.

This novel is considered the last work presented by Dostoyevsky, and it is considered one of the greatest works presented throughout all of literary history. But the writing was engraved in his blood at the time, like sadness and more, so he brought out the repression and suffering in that novel. His life’s opportunity to read that bright jewel in the world of literature.

Parents and sons

It is considered one of the distinctive poetic novels, which deliberately monitored generational conflict between parents and children, as it embodied that conflict in an attractive and distinctive way, as this problem began in its clear form in Russian society in the sixties of the last century. Where the openness began in its customary form, which made there a great leap in thought and life management.

Jivaco Doctor

By the writer Boris Pasternak, it is considered one of the novels that simulates the era of war, like the novel of Peace and War, but it was an embodiment of the personality of a guitarist who struggles to reach his voice to everyone, describing a young man named Jivako who loves riches and adheres to his hobby, the novel is characterized by its strength in describing the life of misery and psychological pain that The young man who dreamed of reaching his dream, as he beautifully embodied, suffered her how he transformed a sensitive young man who loves to sing into a warrior and a forced fighter. It is not easy. Whoever read the novel suffers from Jivako, who is considered a young man like everyone else, but luck was different so he threw him between the wheels War and lethal weapons, changing the sound of the guitar to the sound of bombs and annoying tanks.


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