5 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship For Everyone.

We will discuss the most common characteristics of a healthy  relationship in this article.In popular language, when we meet a person we fall in love with, we say that “it makes us crazy”, but it is clear that in every relationship there must be some reasonableness.

And at that point we can call it a “healthy relationship” made by people who understand, or we can give him a thousand different names. But above all it must be said that in such a relationship it is possible to find a balance , or at least that is what some experts advocate.For today’s article, we were based on theories of Catalan psychologist Encarni Muñoz. This couple relationship professional believes that to have a healthy relationship, the first thing to do is listen to your own criterion. What do you ask for a report? Does the person who is next to you can give it to you? Let’s see it together.

Take responsibility for your emotional state

An important point to have a healthy pair relationship is that every member is responsible for their own happiness. It is fundamental that love for one another is born from a solid self-love and a strong self-esteem that reinforces the idea that we have so many precious things to make to the relationship.

Remember that if you underestimate it, you might end up blaming your partner or relying too much on him / her. For this reason, that the relationship must be equal, both of you must find a balance in the allocation of responsibilities.

Open communication channels to maintain balance

The second point on which the Catalan professional is concerned is tied to the importance of communication to establish and maintain the balance we have just talked about. For this purpose, it is essential to make use of empathy and know how to open active listening channels .

It will not always be easy, but it is necessary to maintain the ability to understand the other. You have to understand your partner’s views and why he is doing what he does. We must be flexible and tolerant, even if we do not agree with him / her. We are on the same boat and we have a common purpose.

Practice assertiveness as the best form of sincerity

A healthy pair relationship will never be based on the lie , this is a key point. For this reason, both sides must be honest on the most important issues, the true anchors of the couple. If there is something that annoys you, do not keep it inside until you are saturated, otherwise you will become the guardians of hundreds of behaviors that make you feel sorry.

“When someone shows up to you for what he really is, trust him.”

(Maya Angelou)

As long as your partner knows you, he does not know 100% all your thoughts. If you choose to take it for granted, it is easy for many situations to turn into negative discussions and dynamics. Even if you are particularly in symbiosis, then, try to be clear when you express yourself. There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable to your life partner, in the end is the person you love.

Trust is vital

This aspect is a classic in couple relationships . If there is no confidence on either side, common goals can hardly be achieved. It is important to make fertile ground for positivity and feel confident and supportive about it.

In this way, you will believe that whenever you need your partner, they will respond by supporting you, helping you advance, walk, and continue. Confidence will also divert the torments brought by jealousy . Think about it: if your partner loves you and you love him, what do you have to fear?

“Love is not looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction”

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Living the present with realism

If you focus on what will happen, to change the other or to the doubts that will ask you if the other will be a good husband or a good wife, your relationship will not have much future. A healthy relationship lives in the present, here and now.

Just as you can not live in the future, you can not even live in the past. Practically all couples have had problems; once passed and forgiven, you must leave them behind. Do not pull them out whenever there is a discussion to use them as a weapon or a form of rebuke.

“Never on you, never beneath you, always beside you”

(Walter Winchell)

These are the characteristics of a healthy couple relationship, or at least those classified by psychologist Encarni Muñoz.

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