Changing your phone number and email in the Uber App

In many countries and cities there is a crisis in public transport and this is increasingly scarce and deficient, many times this is because there are cities that are overcrowded and transport does not meet these needs. For this reason, the Uber App was ingeniously created in the United States , specifically in the city of San Francisco California.

What is the Uber App?

Uber is a website that allows you to search for available transport that can take you to the place you want, it should be noted that this transport is private, but the cost of the ticket is much lower than that of popular transport and you have different payment options.

In Uber there are many drivers who were subscribed in advance on this platform to work as taxi drivers or transporters . This does the work of mediator between you and the drivers, Uber places you with several available transportation options. Instead of waiting for minutes, write down the location address and the nearby driver will pick you up.

Now, it is very important to keep your phone number and email up to date in the Uber App. The main reason is that it keeps you in communication with the drivers, and protects the account safely . Another reason is that this Uber platform also sends the travel payment receipts through these means.

After knowing what the Uber App is, perhaps you want to know how it works, because here we bring the precise answer, enter the Uber App and request your service in which you must indicate the address where you are located . Enter the place where the driver is going to take you and the telephone number where he will locate you.

The same App sends the address where you are located to the drivers who are closest to the place, it is worth mentioning that one of the drivers who is closest must accept the request sent by the platform The Uber App gives you the option to see by GPS and GoogleMaps where the driver is located.

In addition, you will be able to see the time in which you will have to wait for the Uber driver to arrive, when both are already together, the two have to verify their identity and destination , hence keeping the data updated, such as the photo .

Last but not least, when getting off the client must place the rating that will be given to the driver . It should be noted that this rating has a maximum of 5 stars, which is excellent service and no regrets.

Changing your phone number and email in the Uber App is very easy

So if you have changed your phone number or email and want to update them, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the Uber application that you must already have downloaded on your cell phone , the configuration option will appear, you must enter the aforementioned option, then another option will appear, which is Edit.
  2. The Edit option appears at the top, right side, this has a drawing in the shape of a pencil, and being at this level, you will be asked to enter your password, for this reason you should know it.
  3. You must know or remember that the password that you are asked to enter must consist of only 5 characters, then an icon will appear where your name, phone number and email are, touch the one you are going to update.
  4. Regardless of the data to update, you must enter the phone number, you will receive a message with a confirmation code.
  5. This code sent by text message, you must place it in the Uber App for you to reaffirm the change, if you want the verification code to reach your new email, you must place it where it is requested.
  6. Enter your email and the code and place it in the Uber App to reaffirm the change, this confirmation code will also be sent to the previous email in case of not reaching the new one.
  7. Enter the new phone number and email, press the save option that will appear at the bottom.


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