Change the colors of the iPhone calculator with this trick

The iPhone Calculator has some very classic colors that are based on black, orange and white, but few know that there is a trick to change them. It’s not really a hack of the Calculator app itself, it’s a combination of the iOS options with the Shortcuts app that will give your iPhone’s calculator a unique look.

The calculator app in various colors, image by GadgetHacks

In iOS we have options to change the colors of the entire interface. For example, we can use the classic Invert colors or the grayscale , which completely change the colors shown on the screen.

If we combine these options with the Shortcuts app and create an automation for the Calculator app , we can change its colors every time we start it, giving it a unique look. It’s a trick from our fellow GadgetHacks and we’re going to explain how you can configure it.


How to change the colors of the iPhone Calculator app

The automations in the Shortcuts app allow us to take almost any action automatically when something happens. For example we can activate or deactivate the orientation lock of the iPhone when opening or closing an app or putting animations when charging the battery on the iPhone .


To change the colors of the Calculator app, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Shortcutsand tap down on Automation .
  2. Select Create Personal Automation(you may need to tap the “+” icon first).
  3. Select Appand click Select .
  4. Find and select the Calculatorapp .
  5. Press Ok.
  6. Leave “Opens”selected and also select “Closes” .
  7. Click Next.
  8. Now tap on Add action.
  9. Go to Apps> Settings.
  10. Choose the option you like best: “Classic inversion” or “Zoom”(grayscale).
  11. If you choose to zoom from Settings> Accessibility> Zoom> Zoom filteryou must choose Grayscale.
  12. Now tap on Show more> Adjust> On or off.
  13. Click on Nextabove , deactivate Request confirmationand click Ok .
  14. Enter the Calculator and you will see how it automatically changes color.
  15. When exiting the Calculator everything returns to normal.

Your Calculator app will be unique

It is a setting that you can activate for any app on the system , however it is recommended that you do not do it with applications with images, as they will look strange. But with apps like the Calculator the result is great.

A little-known trick that will give your iPhone a unique customization touch , although the Calculator app holds many little-known secrets . Of course, only on the iPhone since Apple is not about to bring the Calculator app to the iPad

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