Product marketing is indeed very important to make our products and services become increasingly in demand in the market. However, not all businesses have a good and appropriate product marketing process. Now in this article, we will help fellow readers to give an idea of ​​how to change the product marketing process for the better. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Focus on paying attention to customers. 

No matter what we sell and offer to customers, when we do not pay attention to customers, then we will not get any profit from the product marketing process that we provide. Why is that?


Customers come to us to find solutions to the problems they have. If the trust they give us is not properly maintained, or in the sense that we do not pay attention to what solutions are needed by the customer, then product marketing will not run properly. They might choose our product or service in the beginning.


However, this will not last long. Customers can switch to competitor products and this will slow down our marketing process further to other customers in the future. According to research, it takes a level of focus on customers around 52% more so that we can get agreement from customers to ultimately choose the products and services we offer.


2. A Short and Simple Marketing is Better. 

We are sure that our fellow readers have heard “less is more”, which we can interpret as “simple, but already encompasses many things”. This is another mistake that is often done by marketers. In the marketing process, too many media and messages are published to promote products and services. This might sound like a great idea, but it actually makes advertising our products and services less effective.


An effective marketing process will result in significant involvement between producers and consumers. That is why the main metric that we must pay attention to in the marketing process is engagement. In calculating metrics, we can rank on a scale of zero to ten. So, make sure every ad that we make can generate more involvement from customers.


3. Make sure the Message Delivered to Customers is Really Clear. 

If in the second point we convey that the message in the product advertisement must be simple and concise, then in this third point we also suggest that the message also has clear and informative content. What is the reason? Of course so that customers are not dizzy and confused with the intent and purpose of the ads that we display.


Not only that, most of us are only concerned with the creativity of the marketed content. Indeed, creativity is very much needed, especially in the digital era like now. However, that is not the only thing we need to produce a better marketing process.


In essence, we need to make content that is simple, concise, clear and creative, so that our customers clearly understand what we are conveying through the promotion of our products or services.


This will be better, because customers who feel confused tend not to continue reading the message we inform them. Don’t forget to target the customers we are aiming for, so that we can talk to our prospective customers through an approach that suits them.


4. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence). 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that is being explored today. Although the presence of AI has been around for many years, there is no denying that AI can help our marketing process to be better.


Unfortunately, only a few marketers and business people have used AI to increase sales of their products and services. So, is AI really able to help improve our marketing? Of course you do!


Artificial intelligence (AI) can help us to get a deeper understanding of customers. If we already understand what customers like, then we can send targeted marketing messages that can increase customer engagement with our products or services.


For example, we have an online course business. With the help of artificial intelligence , we can understand what discussion topics our customers like best. So, we can send advertisements or messages related to the topic of online courses that they like.

The result? it’s likely that customers will be increasingly interested in choosing our products and services.


5. Applying Sturgeon Law to the Marketing Process.

Have your Career Advice colleagues ever heard of ‘sturgeon law’? If not, never mind. Let us explain as briefly as possible.


Sturgeon’s Law says that “90% of all marketing content is nonsense”. Eits, don’t misunderstand first.

This law makes us realize that so far, most marketers and business people only consider the marketing process as a formality. In other words, “the important thing is we have promoted our products and services” without thinking about the clarity of the content of the marketing that we do.


Another point that Sturgeon Law wants to convey is that 90% of the marketing messages we give do not provide any value. So to change our marketing process for the better, it is necessary for us to always pay attention to the values ​​and clarity of messages to customers.


by Abdullah Sam
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