How to change and customize your name in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

If you want to differentiate yourself from other Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout players, we will tell you how you can change your player name and customize it according to your tastes with different options.

Customizing our appearance and identity in multiplayer titles is essential to try to feel different from other players. In Fall Guys there are many costumes, but we can also change our name. We tell you how it is possible to do it.

How to change and customize your name in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Changing your name in Fall Guys cannot be achieved on PS4 because it is associated with your account, but on the PC version it can be given a more distinctive touch with which to waver between the hordes of bulging dolls.

This is pretty easy to do. What you should do is go to your Steam account and select the option to change your username . Here you can write whatever name you like or almost and once you have it and save it, when you start Fall Guys it should appear.

However, it is also possible to give it a more special and personal touch. You can bold, underline or change the color of the name. All you have to do is write a series of codes in front of the name. We leave you the list with all the valid ones:

  • Highlight: <mark>
  • Underline: <u>
  • Italic: <i>
  • Bold: <b>
  • Red: <# F00>
  • Orange: <# F90>
  • Yellow: <# FF0>
  • Blue: <# 00F>
  • Green: <# 0F0>
  • Deep purple: <# 90F>
  • Pink: <# F0F>
  • Purple: <# A0F>
  • Cyan: <# 0FF>
  • Light pink: <# A57>

If you enter these commands you will be able to personalize your name in Fall Guys so that your friends and other players recognize you better. Of course, here is a list of tips and tricks from Fall Guys to always get to the last round . You can also check the list with all the Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout tests .

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