Chandramalika Flower cultivation method

Chandramalika is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. In almost all the countries of the world, this flower is blossomed and highly esteemed. In greenhouse environments it yields good. It belongs to the ” Compositae ” family. The English name of the moon is chrysanthemum. It is called chrysanthemum when it burst during Christmas. The original birthplace of Japan and China Hall. This is done everywhere in Bangladesh because of the commercial demand of Chandramalika. Chandramalaika is mainly used for organizing various festivals, making religious offerings and garlands. It is a herbaceous perennial plant that can grow up to 5 cm in height. This flower can be done on the porch, roof or even in the garden.


Good red drainage soil with good drainage is good for chandelier cultivation. The soil should be rich in organic matter. Soil pH is important for plowing at 1.5-1.5.

Preparation of land

Well cultivated land is needed to produce chrysanthemum or chandelier. 2 to 3 times need to be cultivated to fine-tune the soil. During the last cultivation, 3-5 tonnes of cow dung should be added per acre.

Sowing the seeds

At the time of sowing

Sowers are transplanted during the months of February-March, and branch pens are planted in June-July. Arrangements should be made to protect the plants from rain and strong sun in May-July.

rows and planting trees in the tree, leaving a gap of 30 cm.

The depth of sowing
should be 1 to 2 cm in a polythene bag.

The method of sowing 

Propagation method must be used.


The pedigree of the lunar calendar is mainly done through the sucker and branching pen method. In the branch pens method, the healthy tree trunks are harvested 3-5 cm from the top, from mid-April to the end of June. After cutting the roots need to be purified with Ceresan@0.2% or Captain @ 1.25% and then suitable for planting. In the case of soccer, the stem just above the ground is cut. This will lead to the development of soccer. The suckers are subsequently separated from the mother tree and then kept in the seedbed or in the tub for some time.


Use the seed rate
for planting at 1.5 plants / acre.

The seeds are purified with Ceresan @ 0.2১ or Captain @ 0.25 % to
protect the seedlings from soil-borne or disease-free damping .


Fertilizer Requirements (kg / acre)

Urea Esp Mop
  ১৬০     ৫০০    ১৩৩


Nutrition Requirements (kg / acre)

Nitrogen Phosphorus Potash
     ৭৩      ৮০   ৮০


Lastly, add urea @ 1 kg / acre, SSP @ 1 kg / acre and mop @ 3 kg / acre at the time of planting.

Weed control

Weeds should be cleaned by hand 2-3 times to keep the field free of weeds and for proper development of the tree. The first weed suppression is to be done after 6 weeks of planting. After a month of planting the seedlings have to be cut off. The tree is shrubbed rather than tall.

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The increase in irrigation rate will depend on the weather and soil conditions. Seedlings should be planted in the afternoon. After planting, the soil needs to be shaken. After planting, light irrigation is required. Soil irrigation needs to be completed so that the soil absorbs water quickly. Basically irrigation is given twice a week in the first month and subsequent irrigation is given at weekly intervals.

Pest Control

  • Pest Control

Jab insect

Basically it occurs during flowering. They are sticks, stems, flowers, buds, etc. If insect is seen then spray Rogor 1 EC or Metasystox 25 EC @ 2 ml / liter.


If insects are noticed, then spray Rogor 30 EC @ 2 ml or Profenofos 25 EC @ 2 ml / liter.

American puppies

This caterpillar eats the leaves of the tree and eats the buds of the tree. Nuvacron (Dichlorophos) @ 2-4 ml / liter is sprayed to control American pancreatitis.

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  • Disease control

Black leaf spot or black leaf spot

Septoria Chrysanthemella and S. obesa this disease is caused. It produces a grayish brownish brown circle on the leaves. The leaves eventually turn yellow and later die. To control the disease, Zineb or Dithane M-1 @ 1 g / acre is sprayed.

Leaf curling

The symptoms are that the leaves turn brown and eventually turn yellow and die. Dithane M-1 @ 1 g / acre should be sprayed within 7 days of target area.

Powdery milieu

As a result of Oidium chrysanthemi . White powder-like substances can be seen on the leaves and buds. Kerathane 1 EC @ 1.5 % spray is given to control the disease .


Flowers are generally suitable for selling flowers after 3-5 months after planting. Originally the flowers are collected in October-November. Flowers usually need to be picked up before sunrise in the morning when the outer petals are fully opened and the middle petals begin to burst. The flowers are then packed in bamboo baskets for transport and sale. An average of 5 to 5 flowers are available from a tree. Flowers are grown in 5-7 quintals per acre.


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