Challenge your friends with questions in the game Trivial Pursuit & Friends

If you are one of those who like to play in games in which you can face your friends or acquaintances, the Trivial Pursuit & Friends game is one that you should not stop trying, such as Trivia Crack 2 . This title is already available in the Google application store to be downloaded and with it you can have fun moments using your mobile devices that have an Internet connection.

The title is based on the well-known question and answer board game that was widely used by young people and families in the 90s, but the way of playing is different. In Trivial Pursuit & Friends there is a variation of the most interesting: the most fun in the challenge -although there are also options like Blitz-, which faces you against another user (random or a friend that you have added) in a succession of questions that are They must answer for each of the issues that exist, where they are represented. The one who gets the most hits within the time available wins the game . Simple and uncomplicated.

Playing is easy

Regarding the use of the game, it must be said that everything is really simple since the interface consists of large buttons that have no loss and the translation into Spanish is very good. There are many configuration options that it is not difficult to get lost in them and, in terms of additional possibilities, there are all kinds from some that allow you to vary the avatar you have to knowing the level you have at all times for the Game won -which begins in Villager and progresses with higher “positions”, such as Mayor-.

The questions are of different themes, with options such as Sports or Shows (History or Natural Sciences are not lacking), so you can see the “residue” of the original game here. In each round, 6 series of three questions have to be completed where the last two have higher scores. By the way, there are in-game aids to limit the number of response options or to make the time pass slower (its use is limited, and based on victories or buying them it is possible to get more).

Trivial Pursuit & Friends Download

Downloading this trivia game is not complex, and you can use the image behind this paragraph. The installation is the usual one from the Play Store and, as we have said before, there is no cost to pay to achieve this development. The requirements of this titles are Android 4.0 or higher and 86 MB of free space, it is not an excess.

By the way, the operation is quite good in most terminals, but sometimes the response of the screen is somewhat erratic and instead of just pressing you have to press continuously. This should be noted, but Trivial Pursuit & Friends runs smoothly overall. Other games for Android can be found here .


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