CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – Executive Director

The person with the highest level of responsibility and authority when carrying out the administrative management of a company or institution is known as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) . 

There are other types of names for this position, depending on the size and complexity of the company or organization we are talking about. Some of these denominations are CEO, executive director or executive president.

Due to the phenomenon of globalization , the term CEO has been extended in its use in companies around the world, especially those related to new technologies.

The CEO in small and large companies

Depending on the size of the firm, the figure of the CEO and that of the president will fall or not fall on the same person. This is usually the case in small and medium enterprises .

However, in large corporations, the presidency is responsible for representing the company or defining its general strategy. Likewise, the CEO will gather tasks more focused on the control and management of the operations of said strategy, assuming a great influence and responsibility.

In cases of large companies, the CEO usually has different directors for each sector of the company and that coordinates areas such as marketing or finance under his command. Due to his large number of competencies and his outstanding position in the day-to-day of a firm, this person is often the one who receives the highest salaries and the one with an outstanding professional career development.

The preparation, experience and leadership skills will be the main characteristics that make up the profile of a CEO.

Main functions of the CEO

The main functions of a CEO are:

  • Provide information on achievements and objectives
  • Organization management and company structure
  • Decision making on corporate policy and management
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