Cellulite removal with a Chinese cupping

Cellulite removal with a Chinese cup is currently one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. All because a Chinese cupping massage allows you to quickly get rid of orange peel or significantly reduce its visibility. Check what is anti-cellulite Chinese cupping massage.

Author: Photos.comProven methods for cellulite. Anti-cellulite massage with a Chinese cupping

Removing cellulite with a Chinese bubble brings very clear results in a short time and costs little. This is why Chinese cupping massage is one of the most popular treatments aimed at combating cellulite, both fat and water.

Chinese cupping massage is effective in the fight against cellulite

Chinese cupping massage is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine and involves the use of vacuum. By sucking the skin and tissues under the cup, massage improves microcirculation and breaks down fat tissue, thus accelerating the lipolysis process. In addition, it smoothes and firms the skin and removes toxins from the body, which are the main cause of orange peel . Therefore, it works very well not only as anti-cellulite treatment , but also for firming and shaping the body.

What does anti-cellulite Chinese bubble massage look like?

The first stage of anti-cellulite massage with a Chinese cup is oil the skin with oil, which will facilitate the movement of the rubber bubbles. During the procedure, the largest bubbles are used, intended for massage of thighs or buttocks, i.e. places affected by cellulite. The bubble is applied to the skin after squeezing out air.

As a result, it creates a vacuum that sucks in the folds of the skin affected by the orange peel and the tissues under it inside the bubble. Then the masseur performs alternately long strokes of the bubble on the skin and circular movements towards the lymph nodes, which do not last longer than 3 minutes (usually until bruising).

In this way, the blood vessels widen, skin blood supply is improved, oxygenation and acceleration of absorption of active substances contained in a specially composed olive oil, which the masseur puts on the skin before, during and also after the procedure.

Stimulation during the massage of blood circulation and body fluids, supports the excretion from the body of unnecessary metabolism products and toxins, which are the main cause of cellulite. In order to get the best results, massage should be performed in a series of 10-12 treatments, at least every 3 days.

In a professional office, the treatment lasts 1 hour and costs about 170 PLN.

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Anti-cellulite Chinese cupping massage – effects

The effect of the hourly treatment is significantly reduced, and in some cases even eliminated, cellulite and reduced perimeter of those body parts that have been subjected to massage. This type of treatment is used systematically for the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, shapes the figure and firms the skin.

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Contraindications to the Chinese cupping massage

The list of contraindications for surgery is very long. Chinese cupping massage should not be given to pregnant women, menstruation women and people with varicose veins. Other contraindications are:

  • fever,
  • cancer and infectious diseases,
  • epilepsy, alcohol or drug withdrawal syndrome,
  • multiple sclerosis(MS) during the new onset of disease,
  • disruption and inflammation of the skin (including bruising and swelling of unknown origin),
  • hemophilia,
  • vascular skin.

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