2020 Mother’s Day is going to be different. Because you can’t take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant or give her a spa session or a weekend trip. You are going to be in your homes and that makes celebrating Mother’s Day more complicated, but not impossible thanks to new technologies.

Do you want to know the keys to the best virtual Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is surrounded by emotions, feelings and beautiful words . And you know that there is nothing that expresses feelings better than music. Music is responsible for opening our hearts and allows us to say what we do not know with words. 

But, do you imagine that, in addition to how exciting music is, you can give him a song that bears his name, talks about it and your relationship and reminds him of how essential it is in your life … Don’t you think he will end up so excited that it will become the best gift in the world?

Surprise with  a personalized song for Mother’s Day , an original gift, but above all, emotional!


How to organize a Mother’s Day remotely

That you cannot be with your mother on her day is no reason not to surprise her and make her enjoy a special day. To do this, you can organize a day full of surprises and small emotional details that do not wait . Find out how to do it with these steps!

The magic of video calls . The only way to be with her in the distance is to make a video call. Although obviously it will not be the same, it is much better than a simple call and, of course, a ‘Happy day’ through WhatsApp. Of course, if you have a brother, make the video call together. She will love to feel that you are together!

Eat or dine together . Another thing you can do together is to have lunch or dinner while you watch on a video call. In this way, you can have a conversation just as if you were eating at your favorite restaurant.

Prepare games and entertainment. To make your day more fun, you can collect several online games or think of one that you can play by video call, such as guessing movies or pictionary. Also a good karaoke session, dance to the same songs or a joint session of your favorite dance or sport through YouTube.

Collaborate with someone to hide details . If your mother lives with someone, this option is ideal. You just have to talk to that person and ask them to hide some notes or small details among their things. In this way, you will surprise her and you will feel as if you were at home. It can hide little messages, some candy that you love or some photo of you with a dedication.

Virtual gifts for Mother’s Day

On many occasions, the best gift for a mother is as simple as telling her that we love her and how important she is in our life. Out of shame, neglect, or because “she already knows I love her,” we tend not to express our feelings and realize all the time we have wasted when it is too late.

Therefore, if there is something important on Mother’s Day, it is to speak to her from the heart and tell her all those things that, for some reasons or others, we never tell her. How to do it? Through details or virtual gifts that make him feel special and identify you. Get to know them!

Personalized song for mom. Music excites us, reminds us of special moments, transmits a lot to us. Therefore, what better than her to shout to the four winds that our mother is the best in the world. And if you want to make it even more special and more yours, a personalized song can become your best ally. Because it talks about you and how wonderful your mother is , about all the good things she teaches you and her most special characteristics.


Virtual box of memories. Virtual gather some of your memories together and send them as photos on social networks or WhatsApp. Images of your childhood, your vacation on the beach, song lyrics that I sang to you, that game that you enjoyed together and even your notes from school. Surely so many memories thrill you!

Everything I have learned from you. Record a video or write a text with all the beautiful things you have learned from your mother and that have made you a better person. For example, that you have learned to forgive, to be good to others, to take care of your friends, to value family, etc.

A letter for each day. If you want your mother to feel you by her side, an idea that we love is that you write 31 letters, one for each day of ‘Mothers’ Month’. In them you can tell her about you, her, your family, future plans, past memories that have united you even more …

If you prefer  gifts that are not as emotional, but super practical,  we have also selected some to make your search easier.

Subscription to a platform of movies and series. If there is one thing that almost all of us in our homes have in common, it is that we have quite a few moments of leisure when we don’t know what to do and we always tend to watch a movie or start a new series. So subscribing to such a platform can be a super practical gift for your mother.

Gift card for your favorite store. It is another classic that never goes out of style because, in reality, you are giving away a sure hit. It is quite far from the emotion that we believe surrounds this day, but it is practical.

A voucher for the future. There is always the option of sending a voucher so that in the future you can enjoy your gift. A trip together, a spa session, a good lunch or dinner, some adventure, etc. Even if you prefer this option, we believe that it does not hurt to combine it with any of the previous ones, since, in this way, it will have a special detail in its day.

Beautiful phrases for Mother’s Day

If you are a little lost in terms of the dedication to add to your gift, we want to offer you ten beautiful phrases for Mother’s Day that will leave you with your mouth open and your heart sinking. Let’s start!

  • You gave me life, but I would need three lives to thank you for everything you do for me.
  • Thank you for being and being, for your patience, for your generosity, for your kindness and for not letting go of my hand.
  • Although sometimes I think it is not necessary to tell you because you already know it, today I feel like shouting to the world how much I love you.
  • You are the best mother in the world and I will never tire of telling you.
  • As an adult, I want to be like you. Thanks Mom.
  • You don’t deserve a Mother’s Day. You deserve a whole month, a year or a life. You’re the best!
  • When everything is against you, you are by my side. Thank you, Mom, because your light always guides my way.
  • You brought me into the world without asking for anything in return. You took care of me and educated me without asking for anything in return. And now that you could ask me, now that I would have to start taking care of you, you don’t ask either. I love you so much.
  • You are love, you are kindness, you are generosity, you are patience, you are light, you are oxygen. You are the best mother in the world.
  • With me you have been a doctor, nurse, cook, cleaner and psychologist. But, without a doubt, the best thing you have done is to be the best mother in the universe.

What do you think of our ideas on how to celebrate a virtual Mother’s Day? We hope you liked them and you know how to surprise her! We would love for you to leave us your ideas or suggestions in the comments and tell us why your mother is the best in the world. We love reading you!


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