Cbd: a natural remedy for anxiety and stress

In this difficult period, in which we are called to change our habits due to the coronavirus emergency, some of us may have to deal with anxiety, stress and agitation.

Each of us has in fact found himself having to manage a new routine, in addition to concerns about his own health and that of loved ones, the uncertainty of the future and perhaps even at work.

In these circumstances it is not uncommon to feel tense, nervous and agitated, but fortunately there are natural remedies that can help us find calm, serenity and relaxation.

For example, among the anti-stress allies that nature makes available to us we find hemp. In fact, Cannabis sativa contains molecules – cannabinoids – with a calming and sedative effect on the central nervous system.

Among the more than one hundred phytocannabinoids identified so far, the most studied and used are tetrahydrocannabidiol and cannabidiol, known as THC and CBD.

CBD, unlike THC, has no psychoactive effects but, interacting with the endocannabinoid system present in our body, exerts a calming action useful to counteract anxious states and agitation and to promote calm and relaxation.

Additionally, CBD can help combat sleep-related disorders, which can appear or worsen during this particular period.

Prolonged lack of sleep, given by anxiety and worries, can compromise performance during the day, decreasing efficiency in work and study. CBD can help promote sleep and improve the quality of rest, without interfering with daily activities.

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CBD or cannabidiol can legally be found in specialty stores in the form of oil, crystals, capsules, e-cigarette liquids, and is also widely used in cosmetic products.

Depending on the type of formulation, CBD can be more or less bioavailable for the body: oils, for example, available on the market with different concentrations of cannabidiol, have a faster and more effective action than other forms of intake.


  • Where to find CBD products?
  • Why “Fiori di Gaia”?
  • Why legal hemp?
  • How can you access your products?

Where to find CBD products?

“Fiori di Gaia” is an Italian brand born in 2018, one of the first to bring CBD to Italy and today a leader in the sale of hemp and derived products.

Fiori di Gaia is mainly engaged in the production and distribution of inflorescences and extracts, but also of food products and cosmetics for body care and hygiene.
We took the opportunity to ask the brand managers a few questions about the absolute protagonist of their products: CBD.

Why “Fiori di Gaia”?

We chose it because Gaia is, spiritually speaking, the figure of Mother Earth, the one who, after having created and cradled us, has continued since then to give us precious allies including the cannabis we grow. Consequently there could not have been a more suitable name!

Why legal hemp?

This is not a job for us: it is a mission! Our goal is to distribute quality natural products to improve people’s well-being.
CBD is an extraordinary molecule: first of all it has no psychoactive effects, so it is not to be confused with cannabis used for recreational purposes. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, and anticonvulsant properties.

It can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain, but it has many other uses, such as treating acne or improving sleep.

We firmly believe that as many people as possible should take advantage of the wonderful properties of cannabidiol, as we can only derive benefits from it in the total absence of side effects.

How can you access your products?

We have two physical stores in Rome, the city where we are based and from where online hemp home deliveries depart throughout Italy with free delivery.

We also have about one hundred retailers throughout Italy and an online e-commerce with which we ship in Italy and throughout Europe.

A team of collaborators is always online on the site to clarify all your doubts and guide you in the best choice of purchase. Our customers are very unanimous in calling our selections ‘the best legal weed’

We are also active on Instagram as @fioridigaiashop where you can follow the various promotions we offer in real time.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to conveniently receive all the news from Fiori di Gaia CBD Italia via email.
The path to well-being begins with small choices, and it is much easier to follow the right path when it is shown to us. In this case, hemp is our “must signal”


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