Causes of mosaic virus and its immune system

We often hear the name of the mosaic virus. It harms many crops as a disease. The disease damages the crops of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, raw, bottled, pumpkin, mushrooms and summer squash. The virus has many different types and has a variety of symptoms. Generally, the leaves of the mosaic virus are infected with the leaves, the affected leaves are green and light yellowish green spots, the leaves become small and irregular in shape. Occasionally, irregular emulsion spots are formed on the affected leaves. These national spots are commonly seen on the leaves and fruits of the pumpkin species. Crunchy leaves become thin and crunchy. Many times the appearance of the fruit also deteriorates. Leaves infected with this disease usually form the monkey’s ribs. Diseased plants are small and yield low.

Mosaic virus

How the mosaic virus spreads

Usually the disease spreads from seed. Leafhoppers or small shrubs help to spread the disease. Job insects also spread the disease. The disease is also spread from one plant to another by farm workers and farm equipment.

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Tomato mosaic virus

Mosaic virus prevention

Always use disease-free and healthy seeds. Remove the damaged plants and destroy them properly. Do not touch diseased plants. Destroy the weeds gathered around the farm. Always keep the equipment used for cultivation free of disinfection, leave them in the oven for an hour at room temperature at 4 ° C, then freeze. In addition, used appliances should be submerged and washed in 1,325% sodium hypochlorite solution. Begin with leafhopper or jaw insect resistance to prevent insects, dissolve rogor and metasystox in 5  ml of water per liter of water for a period  of 3 days. 100122 liters of water and 400 ml for chili Malathion  (malathion) and sprinkle the mixture as needed per acre.

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