What are the Causes and Consequences of Migration to Madinah?

It is known that the Migration of Muslims from Mecca to Madinah revealed very important developments. So, what are the causes and consequences of the Migration from Mecca to Madinah?

Our Prophet, the Hijra, Hz. It is the event that Muslims led by Muhammad migrated to Madinah due to the oppression of the Makkah polytheists.

What are the Causes of Migration?

  • The Mecca polytheists did not want Muslims in Mecca and began to persecute them.
  • Muslims not being able to fulfill their religious obligations freely in Mecca
  • When the Prophet wanted to spread Islam to different places

What are the Consequences of the Migration?

  • Muslims had the chance to freely perform their religious duties outside of Mecca.
  • Islam had the opportunity to spread to different regions.
  • After the migration, Hz. Muhammet Madinah guaranteed the rights of Muslims in Medina by writing a 53-point constitution in Medina.
  • Masjid-i Nebi was built on the territory of Medina.
  • Hijri Hijri was considered the beginning of the calendar.
  • The foundation of Islamic states was laid. Our Prophet became the first president.
  • The Muslims who emigrated during the migration were named as immigrants, and the Madinah who welcomed them with a smiling face in Madinah were called Ensar.
  • Hz. Relations between Muslims, Jews and idolaters and the constitution prepared by Muhammad gained a political dimension.

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