Caterpillar CAT S52:Review

The company Caterpillar is famous for not “kill” the construction and agricultural equipment. Therefore, the Caterpillar Cat C52 mobile phone complies with the manufacturer’s concept: it is shockproof, is not afraid of dust and water according to the IP68 standard, and has good characteristics. Read more about the mobile phone further.

Features Caterpillar CAT S52

The look of the phone demonstrates that it was created for those whose work involves movement. It is a compact device with a discreet design and massive bezels that protect the display.

Below in the text we will sort out six of its parameters and twelve features for which it is not a sin to overpay.

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Appearance, design, dimensions

The screen is covered with 6th generation Gorilla Glass, another protective glass is glued on top. Along the entire front perimeter there is a small side a few millimeters high, which will increase the chances that even after falling flat, the display will remain intact. On the sides there is a metal frame, secured with Torx screws for reliability.

Back panel in rubberized TPU. Visually, it is divided into 2 parts – the lower one with a relief for a comfortable grip, and the comfortable upper one, reminiscent of Soft-Touch.

Many “protected” smartphones weigh in the range of 300-400 grams, this one is lighter – only 210 grams.

Battery and charging

Despite the modest figure of 3100 mAh, the smartphone lasts 1.5-2 days. This is made possible thanks to the low-resolution IPS screen. The matrix does not consume power in the background, and the backlight with a reduced number of pixels when the screen is on saves the reserve. However, if you take your phone on long trips, it is better to buy a power bank – for safety net, in order to stay in touch.

The endurance of Caterpillar CAT depends on the intensity of use:

  • 6-8 hours – with constant watching movies on YouTube, 3D games and other resource-intensive platforms;
  • 30-50 hours – based on 1-2 hours on the Internet, half an hour of games and 30-50 minutes of calls.

There is fast charging. Of course, it is not instantaneous, but there is no need to complain about the speed. Lives up to 40% – in 25-35 minutes, 70% – 60-70 minutes, 100% – 130-140 minutes.

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Usually, in rugged smartphones, the camera does not shine with quality. However, a review of Caterpillar Cat C52 cameras proves the opposite. The main one consists of one module – this is a rarity in 2021. But despite this, it works great – the photo quality is at a high level both day and night.

The manufacturer has achieved an excellent result thanks to four components.

  1. The Sony matrix, which produces 12 megapixel image quality.
  2. Light sensitivity – 1.8.
  3. Dual Pixel PDAF technologies – with improved autofocus. Despite one module, the device clearly distinguishes between the foreground and background with the help of this add-on.
  4. Electronic stabilization, which makes it possible to record video while walking fast.

Despite the fact that photography is the weak point of “rugged phones”, the review of Catterpillar Cat S52 cameras shows good results. They are not flagship, but more than enough for an ordinary user. Video quality – FullHD with a frame rate of 30 frames per second. The picture quality is excellent, the sound is solid.


Iron inspires confidence. The mobile phone is suitable not only as a means of communication, but also as an “entertainment center” with games. It may be rather weak for editing videos in Full HD, but it is quite suitable for working with office documents and editing work photos.

Characteristic Meaning
Chipset MediaTek Helio P35
Graphics Accelerator PowerVR Rogue GE8320
Built-in memory, GB 64
MicroSD support Yes, up to 512 GB

It is better to immediately send the stored content to a microSD-flash drive, since applications “weigh” quite a lot, you need to leave memory for them in advance. The stability of the work is good – the throttling test passes without subsidence. It does not overheat under prolonged loads.

The mobile phone is equipped with wireless interfaces that meet the spirit of the times:

  1. Dual – band Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz can connect to your usual Wi-Fi 2.4 network and to a fast, lightly loaded 5 GHz connection.
  2. Bluetooth 5.0 works correctly and quickly with all smart gadgets (be it a smart watch, a boiler or a car).
  3. With the help of NFC, you can contactlessly pay due to the instant connection to other devices with an NFC chip.

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Since this phone has large bezels, the screen is quite compact at 5.65 inches. At the same time, it can hardly be called small – the title of the most compact display is held by the updated iPhone SE 2020 with its 4.7 inches.

For the rest of the parameters, this is the average phone number of the 2019-2020 sample:

  • Matrix – IPS ;
  • Resolution – HD + (1440×720 pixels);
  • Pixel density per inch – 285;
  • Aspect ratio – 18: 9;
  • The maximum brightness is 521 cd / m2. Everything that happens on the screen is visible even on a sunny afternoon.

Unlike most smartphones, it reads clicks with wet hands or with gloves.

Appearance of standard screens and menus

The handset runs on almost pure Android 10, so you shouldn’t expect any special design delights – everything will be strict and tidy. Its only application is the camera. Here the developers decided to slightly modify the standard interface, refreshing it visually.

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Caterpillar CAT S52 price and benefits

The average cost is UAH 16,000-17,000. But at the same time, the smartphone beats off every penny invested in it.

The table contains 12 phone exclusives and reasoned evidence:

Feature of the device Why is it cool
Fancy back cover The phone is pleasant to hold in your hand, but at the same time it is tenacious, it will not slip even from a wet palm
Versatile overall look Impresses office workers with risky hobbies and those who work in difficult conditions
Large display bezels Even if the phone falls on its side and the glass breaks, the matrix will remain intact
The frames are a side by a couple of millimeters Additional protection of the screen in case of a fall
IP68 protection The phone will withstand dust storms, construction sites and diving
There is space for 2 SIM cards and a 512 GB flash drive Despite the modest amount of internal memory, there is more than enough space for content
Volume and off buttons protrude from the case They can be felt despite the telephone. This is important in professions where you cannot be distracted: operator of construction equipment, driver, etc.
The presence of a mini-jack for  wired headphones  and USB-C for charging The user does not need to buy additional headphones, the phone can be easily connected to the radio tape recorder and at the same time can be charged with the same charger as the tablet
IPS screen Does not consume the battery in the background. When the screen is off, the phone will last longer. And at low brightness, it will not “ripple”, causing a headache
Reads wet fingers and gloves To work with him, you do not need to break away from the main work, removing protection and cleaning your hands
Iron, comparable to the average state employees of the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. There are not enough stars from the sky, but the main tasks will be enough for at least another 2-3 years after the purchase
Modern wireless interfaces Easy connection to any smart technology and contactless payment

The CAT S52 has been described as an athlete disguised as a three-piece office suit. With this smart you can “both in the feast and in the world” – it will look attractive in any environment and at the same time it will easily survive the flights and falls associated with constant operation. And good-quality characteristics give it a capacity reserve for at least 2-3 years in advance.

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