What Is Cork Tree In India

What Is Cork Tree In India

The cork tree is a very famous tree in India and is cultivated in gardens and pathways in most parts of India. The scientific name of this tree is ‘Millingtonia hortensis’. The name `Millingtonia ‘is an 18th century English botanist, Thomas Millington and Hortensis means” grown in gardens “. The tree is named ‘Akas Nim’ or ‘Nim Chameli’ … Read more

What are personalized gifts

Gifts are great protagonists of important dates and celebrations, and getting it right can become a difficult task. In fact, many times inaccurate details are made due to lack of dedication or imagination with the person who receives the detail. It is at this point when personalized gifts for a loved one stand out among the most common … Read more

How much money do you need to retire in Jamaica?

If you’ve been to Jamaica for a destination wedding or sun-soaked vacation, it may not have crossed your mind to associate this Caribbean island and former British crown colony with retirement. Since its difficult transition to democracy in 1962, Jamaica has undergone many dramatic changes, not all of them positive. In addition to high crime rates and … Read more

What are spread bets?

Spread betting is a derivative strategy, in which participants do not own the underlying asset they are betting on, such as a stock or an asset. rather, spread bettors simply speculate whether the asset’s price will increase or decrease, using the prices offered by a broker. As in the stock market, two prices are quoted for … Read more