Flowers: importance and uses

Flowers have been used since ancient times to adorn ladies’ headdresses and to decorate rooms. In Greek and Roman culture they were associated with the goddesses of beauty and love: Aphrodite and Venus. In Egyptian culture they were considered a tribute. Proof of this were the daffodils, marigold jasmine and lotuses found in the tombs of pharaohs and … Read more

Does wrestling hurt?

Wrestling is a spectator sport, very different from Greco-Roman wrestling or French boxing. The fight scenes are rehearsed for weeks, everything is very precisely choreographed However the blows, even if they are carried on very muscular areas and a priori not dangerous, are real In this regard, Who is the richest wrestler in the world? The … Read more

How to develop self-compassion

Three effective exercises are waiting for you from a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy. Michael Tompkins, PhD, believes that self-compassion can subdue the inner critic that undermines your self-esteem and self-confidence. It allows you to look at problems from a different point of view and finally become happy. Tompkins talks about how to develop it in the … Read more

How to dry mushrooms at home

Lifehacker’s instructions will help you make stocks that will be stored for a long time. What mushrooms can be dried Various types will do. Most often, tubular ones are sent for drying – those that look like a sponge under the hat. For example, mushrooms, boletus, boletus, boletus, mossiness mushrooms, goats, Polish. By the way, with the help … Read more

6 tips to get through temporary financial difficulties

Step by step plan for different occasions. Assess the situation Panic will not help you find a way out – it will only increase stress. So sit down and think carefully about your position. Determine the cause of financial stress. Perhaps it is obvious: for example, you lost your job or went on maternity leave. The Lifehacker telegram channel contains … Read more