Vishnu (Hindu god)

Vishnu is the Hindu god of preservation and goodness, the main deity of Vaisnavism. He is considered as the most important figure of the “Trimurti” the divine triad. Being the creator of the universe , it was he who decided to unfold into three facets, (three forms, sometimes inaccurately described as Hindu “Trinity”): Brahma (the Creator, in the mode of passion), Vishnu (the Preserver … Read more

Shiva (Hindu god)

Shiva (Śiva, ‘the auspicious’) is one of the oldest gods in India. In the framework of the Trimurti (‘three-forms’, the Hindu Trinity ) together with Brahma (creator god of the universe) and Visnú (preservative god). Summary [ hide ] 1 Definition 2 Dating 3 Attributes of Shiva 4 Shiva avatars 1 Shiva in his appearance Natarásh 2 The five activities of Lord Shiva 5 Sources Definition Shiva is the divinity of yogis, has great … Read more

Rama (Hindu god)

In the Hindu religion , Rama is an avatar (‘descent’ from God) of the god Visnu . She was born in India to free her from the yoke of the demon Ravana. According to the ancient Garuda-purana text (4th century n. E.), Rama is the seventh avatar of Vishnu , but seven centuries later, the Bhagavata-purana of Vopadeva (11th century) claimed that Rama is the eighteenth avatar. Summary [ hide ] 1 Sanskrit name 1 Other names 2 Iconography 3 Dating 1 Legendary date of birth … Read more

Krishna;10 Facts You Must Know

Krishna is one of the main gods of the Hindu religion . In Orthodox Hinduism, Krishna is considered the eighth avatar (incarnation) of the god Visnú , [1] while in Krishnaism , Visnú is an expansion of Krisna. Summary [ hide ] 1 Etymology 2 Dating of the cult of Krishna 3 Legends of the god Krishna 1 Birth of Krishna 2 Children’s hobbies 3 Later hobbies 4 Death of Krishna 4 Sources Etymology kṛṣṇa, in … Read more


The Mahabharata is a major poetry book of Hindus , which is a group of scriptures of Hinduism , which are of lower standard than Shruti and originated by humans. Sometimes just “go with the poetic texts of India,” said India ‘s unique religious, mythological, historical and philosophical treatises. It is one of the main texts of Hinduism. It is the longest literary book in the world, although it is considered … Read more


Ramayana ( English : Ramayana ) is a unique Sanskrit epic written by Valmiki , which has a very important place in Hinduism . Its 24,000 verses are the part of Hindu memory through which the story of King Rama of Raghuvansh was told. It is also called ‘Valmiki Ramayana’ or ‘Balmiki Ramayana’. There are seven chapters of Ramayana, which are known as Kand. See also : Ramcharitmanas , Poum Chariu , Ramayana’s Aarti  and Ramlila Creation time It is believed by some Indians that this epic dates back to 600 BC. Written … Read more


The word ‘Smriti’ is used in two meanings. In a sense, this grammar other than Vedwadarmay texts, such as Panini, Srut, Grihysutr and Dharmsutron , Mahabharata relates to, Manu, Yajnavalkya and other texts. But in the narrow sense, the meaning of memory and theology is the same, as Manu says. [1] The word ‘Smriti’ has also come in the Taittiriya Aranyak [2] Gautama [3] and Vasistha [4] have considered Smriti as a … Read more