Milk . It is an opaque whitish-colored nourishing secretion produced by the mammary glands of females (sometimes also males) of mammals (including monotremes). This capacity is one of the characteristics that define mammals. The main function of milk is to nurture children until they are able to digest other foods. It also fulfills the functions of protecting the pups’ gastrointestinal tract … Read more


Lactose . Disaccharide formed by the union of one molecule of glucose and one galactose . Specifically, a β-galactopyranose and a β-glucopyranose linked by carbons 1 and 4, respectively, intervene. Summary [ hide ] 1 General 2 Lactose biosynthesis 3 Chemical properties of lactose 4 Solubility 5 Sensitivity to heat 6 Fermentation 7 Use of lactose 8 Lactose intolerance 9 Source General Lactose is a very rare sugar in nature, except in milk , of which it is the most … Read more

Lactic fermentation

Lactic fermentation. It is an anaerobic metabolic pathway that occurs in the cell’s cytosol , in which glucose is partially oxidized for energy and where the waste product is lactic acid . This process is carried out by many bacteria (called lactic bacteria), some protozoa, and it occurs in animal tissues, in certain protozoa, fungi and bacteria. Summary [ hide ] 1 History 1 First applications in the industry 2 Lactic acid bacteria and … Read more

Manufacture of goat’s milk cheese

Manufacture of Goat’s Milk cheese . Goat’s milk cheese is an excellent food as it is a concentrate of nutrients from this animal’s milk. Summary [ hide ] 1 History 2 Origins 3 Manufacture of goat’s milk cheese 4 Ingredients 5 Requirements for milk intended for the manufacture of cheese 6 Utensils necessary to make cheese 7 Procedure 8 Sources History The word cheese is derived from the Latin … Read more

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk. Liquid food obtained by the partial removal of water only from milk. Contains not less than 6.5% by weight of milk fat , not less than 16.5% by weight of fat in milk solids, and not less than 23% by weight of total milk solids… It is homogenized. It is sealed in a container … processed by heat … to prevent waste. Summary … Read more

Dairy products

Dairy products. From the Latin lactĕus , dairy is that belonging to or related to milk. The adjective, applied to a food, refers to the fact that it is derived from milk (such as cheese or yogurt ). Summary [ hide ] 1 History 2 Features 3 Process 4 Function 5 Sources History The consumption of dairy products is believed to have started about 8,500 years ago. The nomadic tribes of … Read more

Animal rennet

The Rennet Animal is a substance present in the mucosa of the fourth stomach of ruminants mammals, mainly it contains enzyme called rennin , is also known as chymosin, used in the manufacture of cheeses whose function is to separate the casein (80% approximately of the total protein ) of its liquid phase ( water , whey protein and carbohydrates), called whey. Vegetable rennets are used in the manufacture of … Read more