How to format a Mac

The Macs are generally considered stable and reliable, are not susceptible to malware as Windows PC (with a few exceptions), and are also less crash. This, however, does not mean that they are perfect or that you do not want to be able to format them to reinstall the operating system from scratch. With today’s guide, I want to explain how to … Read more


The Bioelements or biogenic elements are chemical elements forming part of living beings. Summary [ hide ] 1 Introduction 2 Definition 3 Types of bioelements 1 Primary bioelements 2 Secondary bioelements 4 Classification of Bioelements 1 Major bioelements 2 Trace bioelements 3 Ultra-trace bioelements 5 Sources Introduction All living beings are constituted, qualitatively and quantitatively, by the same chemical elements. Of the approximately 100 chemical elements that exist in nature , about 70 are … Read more

Database Glossary

This glossary covers the database terms and terms used for all kinds of databases. It does not cover terms that apply to certain systems or databases. ACID The ACID model of database design confirms data integrity through atomicity , consistency , isolation, and robustness: Atomic Assistance:Every transaction in a database must follow the “all or not” rule, which means that if any part of the transaction … Read more

Microsoft Surface Pro X (2020): this review

Microsoft Surface Pro X: Technical Specifications The characteristics of this convertible are essentially the same as the original version, with one important exception: this Surface Pro X debuts the SQ 2 CPU , a revision of the microprocessor built into the first model that, according to Microsoft, proposes a performance / watt ratio. higher, especially in multitasking … Read more