Aristophanes. He is one of the best comedy writers ever. His highly critical and satyr humor was popularized in antiquity and even today his works are still performed with the same comic intensity that at that time was the delight of Athenian society. Summary [ hide ] 1 Biographical synthesis 2 Trajectory 3 Relations with the Athenian public 4 Influence of society 5 Ideology … Read more

Arato de Solos

Arato de Solos . He was born in 310 and died in 240 BC. Born in Soli, ( Cilicia ), Greek writer , poet . He was a disciple of the Stoics and wrote the didactic poem Los phenomennos , a compendium of the cosmological knowledge of his time that Cicero translated into Latin verses . Summary [ hide ] 1 Biography 2 Artwork 1 Comment on: The Aratus phenomena 3 Sources Biography He wrote a poem, which makes him famous, Phenomena , … Read more

Nikos Kazantzakis

Niko Kazantzakis. Greek storyteller, poet, and playwright whose novels are extremely popular. His first novel was The Serpent and the Lily and his first play Apunta el día . Summary [ hide ] 1 Biographical synthesis 1 Another stage of his life 2 Death 2 Novelas by Kazantzakis 3 Phrases 4 Sources Biographical synthesis He was born in Heraklion, on February 18, 1883, into a peasant family, with a … Read more

Konstantinos Kavafis

Konstantinos Kavafis ( Alexandria , 29 as April as 1863 – Alexandria , 29 as April as 1933 ). Greek writer. Kavafis’s poetry enjoyed little diffusion in Greece during his lifetime. However, his use of colloquialism; his open treatment of homosexuality ; his esoteric sense of history; his cynicism in politics; their creation of a mythical world, made it strange to the senses of the Greek poets of the interwar period, but they guaranteed the permanence of one of … Read more


Herodotus . Greek historian, considered the father of historiography. He traveled throughout the entire Mediterranean world . He compiled his findings in a work entitled “Histories” which provides valuable information about ancient Greece , North Africa and the Middle East . Summary [ hide ] 1 Biography 2 The work of Herodotus 3 The Story according to Herodotus 4 His travels 5 Death 6 Sources Biography Greek historian born in Halicarnassus (now Bodrum , Turkey ) shortly before Xerxes’ expedition against Greece ( 480 BC ). On the occasion of … Read more

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus is the Greek name of a mythical character that was associated with a syncretism of the Egyptian god Dyehuty (Toth in Greek) and the Hellenic god Hermes , or the biblical Abraham. Hermes Trismegisto means in Greek ‘Hermes, three times great’. In Latin it is: Mercurius ter Maximus. Hermes Trismegistus is mentioned primarily in occult literature as … Read more

Paul I of Greece

Paul I of Greece . King of the Hellenes ( 1947 – 1964 ). He spent most of his life in exile for the Greek alliance with Germany during the First World War . He was a member of the Greek army in World War II , as was his wife. Summary [ hide ] 1 Biographical synthesis 1 Foreign policy 2 Titles 2 Death 3 Sources Biographical synthesis   Marriage He was born … Read more