Why Carrots Is An Anti Cancer Food

Did you know that carrots are among the best anti-cancer food?. Best ways to prevent cancer are to add carrots in your diet.Rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamins, they dramatically help eliminate insidious cancer cells in our body. One of the most active natural ingredients contained in carrots is beta-carotene .

Beta-carotene is found in dark-colored leafy vegetables and has a powerful antioxidant function that protects the body from different types of cancer, including: lung, breast, prostate, bladder and different types of oral cancer which affect areas such as the mouth and throat.

Carrots anti cancer food and lung cancer

Consume more carrots to get lungs free of cancer. Be sure to select carrots with a deep, dark color because they contain large amounts of beta carotene. A recent twelve-year study of 3,000 men in Switzerland showed that men with low carotene and vitamin A in their blood were more prone to getting different types of cancer , especially lung cancer. The anticancer properties can be credited to beta-carotene due to its powerful antioxidant capacity and the reinforcement provided to the immune system. Both skills that greatly help the fight against cancer.Many studies suggest that eating even a single carrot a day can decrease the chances of contracting lung cancer by 60% . In addition, carrots contain a significant amount of lycopene, roughly two medium-sized carrots contain 2 mcg of lycopen – a powerful antioxidant found in many orange and dark green vegetables and greens, which helps protect against lung cancer.

Carrots for breast cancer prevention

One of the studies shows that women who consume carrots regularly have lower rates of breast cancer than those who rarely eat them . Carrots contain retinoic acid which is a derivative of Vitamin A. Several studies show that this substance demonstrates a fantastic ability to fight cancer in the early stages of the disease. Studies also demonstrate that the ‘ retinoic acid can suppress the accumulation of cancer cells which then go on to form tumors . Carotenoids are fat-soluble substances and strong antioxidants found in orange and dark green vegetables. Many researches have also confirmed the benefits of carotenoid-rich foods, such as carrots for thebreast cancer . An additional property of carotenoids is to combat the oxygen free radicals that are responsible for breast cancer and its development.

The benefits of carrots in the fight against cancer

Other studies state that excessive consumption of carrots in extremely high quantities causes an excess of beta carotene which can be a cause for cancer. But these studies are currently not completely proven and in fact carrots contain Falcarinol, a natural pesticide found in plants, which has been shown to radically lower the risk of cancer in people. Falcarinol is a polyacetylene, an antioxidant and research shows the destruction of pre-cancerous cells in tumors, preventing cancer. It is also shown that people who eat carrots can reduce their chances of getting colon cancer by 24%.

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