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It would not be wrong to call the present time as the era of advertising. Advertising is becoming dominant all over the world. The market is focused on advertising today.

The reality is that many companies make and sell the same product, but the sale of each one depends more on its quality than its publicity, so obviously the field of advertising is great for the career, the bigger the market. Strong competition in such a situation, if you are talented and creative idea comes in your mind, then you can make a career in the world of advertising. Can make

the work of advertising
The advertising industry can be divided into executive and creative two. The executive department includes client service market research and media research, while the creative category includes copywriter script writer visual laser typography. Choosing the right medium in the economic aspect and advertising market Monitors at the right time to bring the creative department creates advertising and visual usually keeps wake of the customer rather than the responsibility of the same design and concept of advertising

To study career in this field, one has to take a course related to Management Mass Communication or Advertising. However MBA degree holders are preferred for Marketing Research Client Service and Media Planning whereas general graduates can also get admission in Creative Department but He works in the best communication skills in Hindi as well as in the grip group on English language. And the ability to lead it is necessary to have knowledge of Fine Arts in addition to confidence design packages like Photoshop Corel Draw. Those working in this field should be able to master any creative writing and have the ability to present any idea in the visual form. Also, the punch line is very important to bring the advertisement on the tongue of the people, the interests of the people coming from all levels of the society Should be aware so that the advertisement you serve is as much as possible

Essential qualification
is Popular Course Diploma or PG Diploma in Advertising It is also sufficient from a career point of view, but some government and private institutes also offer a bachelor’s degree in it. If a bachelor’s degree is sought for admission in PG Diploma course, 3 For any one-year undergraduate course, it is necessary to be intermediate in any stream, almost all these institutes have their own In some institutions, the candidates are required to undergo interview and group discussion in addition to the written examination, in the written examination, questions of GK GS of Praya Objective Type are asked, although the examination and question paper in every institute. The pattern of employment varies

The advertising industry is growing by more than 20% every year, it is likely to grow more in the coming times, the employment opportunity value in the advertising industry and private advertising agencies, public and private sector advertising departments, newspapers, advertising departments, general Magazines can be found in the Department of Commerce’s marketing research institutes of radio or television or as freelancers Apart from this, some new areas are also emerging in advertising such as Event Management Image Management Internet Marketing, Event Management, in the right marketing and image management of any event, marketing a particular profile is also focused on the individual or organization. In this direction, a wide change has been made but still it is limited to people of limited scope. F were marketing will be asked to

Work positions and salaries vary according to the size and profits of the advertising and promotional agencies. Accredited agencies have large set ups. The same small agencies have a small number of employees who do almost all the work. Initially you will get 10000 to ₹ 25000. You can get the same experience and you can get good salary.

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