Care of Maniplant Plants

Do you know about the virtues of money plant plants? Or do you know how to make them grow in the courtyard of your home?

Let’s find out all this information through today’s article! We will help you with the right information about Money Plant! If you read this article, you will know how to plant a money plant, its care and its pros and cons.

The International Space Research Agency NASA says there are six air purifying plants. Money plant is one of these because it destroys the toxins in the atmosphere. It is also known as a sign of good fortune. It is believed that the house where the money plant grows, the wealth of the house increases.

If you want to buy a Money Plant plant online, it will cost a lot, but if the seed of the Money Plant plant is sown or taken away from the neighbor’s tree, even if planted, it will be great!

Whenever you plant a money plant, you can start caring for it in a suitable environment. They are so domestic that they do not need any fertilizer for rapid growth!

Farmers cultivate money plant plants as air purifiers. Money plants are kept at home, office, marketing centers in hopes of gaining huge profits in the business. If you know how to properly care for it, you can easily take care of it.

The Money Plant is known as Good Luck Tree, Silver Vine, Taro Vine, Hunter’s Rob, Solomon Island Ivy and Devil’s Ivy.

The Araceae family tree is this money plant. They can adapt well to the harsh weather. It is also currently being able to adapt to the weather in our country.

They grow very easily in partially shaded areas or in intense environments, whether in homes or outside. Domestic Money Plants are 2 1/2 feet high with aerial roots. The leaves are heart-shaped (white, yellow or light green)

Money Plant varieties

Money plant varieties are selected based on their growth rate, composition and cultivation environment.

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The name of the breed Type
aureum Tropical climber plant
Lunaria Year Biennial herb plant
Crassula ovata Small plant with fleshy leaf
Pachira aquatica Tropical wetland trees
Pilea peperomioides Shrubs with dark green rounded leaves

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Planting Money Plant Plants by seeds

The plant Money Plant
The place of origin Tropical zone
Family Araceae
Scientific name aureum
The nature of the soil Soil neutral, pH 5 to 1.0
Flowers Pink, light purple, white color
Sunlight Partly
Suitable temperature 12 Fahrenheit
The height of the plant 2-3 feet
Fertilizer NPK fertilizer

Selection of varieties of seeds

Money plant will buy the seeds of the plant from the market and plant it in the pot. You can also collect seeds from your friends or from your neighbor. Before planting the seeds, be careful that the seeds do not get wet, be completely dry and clean. Warm towels should be used for cleaning. Then sow the seeds in pots or containers.

Soil and pot selection

Select a pot so that the money does not fall into the plant heel. If you want to set up a money plant in a domestic way, take a 3 inch pot. For starters, you can take clay, ceramic or plastic pots if you want. Next, when the tree is large and use a large pot.

The Epipremnum aureum tree generally prefers neutral pH soils with a range of 3-5.5. Very few plants can survive on soil of pH 4-5. You can mix as much potting soil as you want so that jute moss or perlite is high.

Rules for watering money plants

Water a small amount of water every day until the tree is slightly taller. When the tree is large, it can absorb 2/3 inch water every week when the soil is completely dry.

The tree grows fast if you can keep it at room temperature. Money plants can withstand hotter weather than cold weather. 12 Fahrenheit is the right temperature for a domestic money plant.

Money Plant Plant

Insect pests and diseases   

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Insect  Disease
Scale Powder Mildew
Spider insect Take off
Millie Bug The color of the gray solid color is read
White flies Rotten
Jab insect Falling down, lifeless
 Thrips Catch digestion on the leaves
The fungus is nuts Yellow color on the top of the leaf

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Nutrition deficiencies

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Serial Material Symptoms of deficiency
Calcium The leaves become like hooks, the leaf heads die.
Nitrogen Leaves wither, foliage light green, yellowish stems.
Magnesium Growing slowly, light yellow leaves, leaf spots on the leaves.
Phosphorus Small leaves, reddish-purple, the older leaves turn black.
Potassium The burns on the leaves become yellow between the veins of the leaves.
Sulfur Leaves with slow yellow growth, light yellow color.

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There are some issues that affect the growth of money plant plants. For example, the leaves turn yellow, the leaves fall prematurely, the leaves turn brown, for lack of sufficient sunlight, watering more or less, the mineral deficiency. To get rid of these problems, good organic fertilizer should be used. Also the leaves should be wiped with neem oil.

Tree pruning and re-potting

Winter is the perfect time to prune the money plant, but it is not really an urgent matter to do so! If you want to cut weak and small leaves and add fresh leaves, you can cut them at any time of the year, not once.

Re-planting the tree in the spring or summer because the tree grows very rapidly during this time. Since the tree grows larger each year, you will have to relocate to a larger pot each year.

Applying fertilizer

In the spring and summer, fertilizers should be applied once every 2 weeks. The growth rate of a money plant depends on the size of the pot it is kept in. Also liquid NPK can provide fertilizer , organic fertilizer or cow dung. However, egg yolk, epsom salt and baking soda are very beneficial for growth.

Never apply fertilizer except during its growth, which can be counterproductive. The growth of the tree is disrupted. Fertilizer should be applied at the right amount and at the right time.

How to reproduce the organs of money plant plants?

By planting the buds, a new money plant is available, which is easier than seeding with the help of seeds. Can be planted anywhere on the ground.

How to Grow Money Plant Plants in Water

Cut a 20-5 cm bud at a 5 ° angle where the leaves are. Make sure there are at least three nodes in the branch.

Put slices in a glass or jar of water. Make sure that at least one stem is submerged in water. Keep it close to the window so that it receives at least six hours of sunlight. Within a few weeks, new roots will grow and grow.

Replace the pot water once or twice a week.

If you want to use fertilizer, you can use liquid nitrogen fertilizer, which is very useful for water-borne money plants.

How to grow a money plant on the ground

Without water, you can cultivate the money plant with the help of root of the plant. Most people find this method more appropriate.

The method of cultivating the soil

Take a healthy stem, which is 20-5 cm in height, so that it can grow well outside the room. Apply a section of stem to the soil that can easily drain water. You can also mix sand, clay or potting soil. Keep watering until the root is full and the tree grows fast. Allow time to dry the soil in between 2 times of successful watering. However, do not give too much water so that the leaves of the tree turn yellow, there are more problems, including shrinkage. To understand the type of soil, a small amount of fertilizer should be used.

Care of Money Plants

Replace the vessel after 2-3 years. If the weeds are trimmed, the tree will look nice. In winter, the tree does not need more water, so even if less water is needed. Once the tree is dry, you will give straw, leaves, wet to the base of the tree. The tree should be kept as close to the sunlight as possible. However, it cannot be kept in too hot or cold conditions.

As the tree grows, move the tree into large containers.

Does the money plant give flowers?

The Money Plant is a biennial flowering plant. The white silver colored seeds contain a flat shape. Purple flowers are grown in spring and summer.

How to collect seeds of Money Plant?

Whenever the seeds of the seeds can be dried, collect the money plant. Then collect the flat shaped seeds from the dry seed pods. Collect the seeds in a cool and dry environment

Why do the leaves of the MoneyPlot tree turn yellow?

১. In the intense sunlight

  1. More or less water than needed

৩. The temperature changes frequently during the day and at night

৪. Lack of nutrition.

Is Money Plant Poisonous To Pets?

Not at all! However there are some minor stomach digestive problems, may feel cold, allergies, vomiting. Therefore, the tree should be kept away from pets and cats.

Money plants absorb toxins from the air. So in addition to enhancing the beauty of the house, plant it as a house air purifier.

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