Car tires: the guide to taking care of them

Car stopped due to Covid-19 or for holidays? Now is the time to check the condition of your tires – here’s everything you need to know about caring for your tires.

How to take care of your tires

Taking care of the tires of your car allows you to circulate peacefully, with maximum safety and without risking fines. How to check the condition of the tires?

There are mainly 3 actions to remember, and to be performed periodically, to take care of the car tires:

  • Visualcheck – check the tread
  • Operational check– measure blood pressure
  • Storage– keep them cool and (if possible) lift the car

Here is how you should proceed.

Visual check of the tread

Periodically check the general condition of the tires, and specifically the wear of the tread, as well as their integrity: to do this, observe them looking for the presence of any cuts, swelling or foreign bodies stuck in the rubber.

If there is a nail stuck in the tread, you can only remove it if
you have a repair kit available; alternatively, leave it like this and take
the vehicle to the tire dealer as soon as possible.

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Another part of the tires to check are the valve caps – are they all in place? If they are not, restore them as soon as possible to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the valve, damaging the rubber.

Pressure control

The pressure control tires is important, but in spite of this is a procedure that is often underestimated. Remember that having excellent tires, in good condition, but traveling with the wrong pressure will affect performance, but not only that, road safety and tire life will also suffer.

A trick to use when the car is standing still for a long time? Measure the pressure before stopping, raising it about 1 bar (15 psi) compared to the standard (2.0-2.5 bar), then check it when you resume using the vehicle.

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Tire storage

Whenever possible, you should park your car in the garage : this choice protects the tires from direct exposure to the sun’s rays, as well as from high temperatures.

Your car tires prefer cool temperatures (as
much as possible), and shade, so if you don’t have a garage you can at least cover the vehicle with a tarp. Alternatively, use the special rubber protectors, made of reflective aluminum.

One trick to maximizing tire life is to lift
the car off the ground during long periods of disuse. Always avoid that the tires
touch the ground, you will preserve their durability and integrity.

Alternatively, you can buy tire trainers, special devices that
support the tire on the lower part: with them the result will be that the tire will weigh on more support space, minimizing the risk of flattening it.

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One last consideration: it is true that tires, just like all car components, age, and that this is the fault of time, regardless of how they are stored. However, taking care of them will allow you to travel for many km always with maximum safety, as well as preserving the economic investment for their purchase.


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